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Amtrak P42DC #28Eastbound Amtrak train 350, the Wolverine, powers through the greenery approaching CP-Comstock on Kalamazoo's eastside. This view is captured from the Sprinkle Road overpass, between Botsford Yard and CP-Comstock. Click the "search" option and type in keyword "Sprinkle" to see a few other photos of mine from the same location, in entirely different seasons. Amtrak 350 is normally a four car consist including three coaches and a cafe/business class car. This day, P42DC #28 is on the headend and NPCU F40 Cab #90200 is on the rear. August 26th, 2007. GP30M4216
BNSF C44-9W #1113NS 048, the Blue Unit of Barnum and Bailey's Circus Train, approaches the Vine Street crossing and semaphore in Kalamazoo shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning on September 11th, 2007. The train, powered by BNSF Heritage I #1113 (with changed out Heritage II front door), and BN green #9237, is slowing as they approach the BO Tower and diamonds, and are bound for Hughart Yard in Grand Rapids. The 60-car train stretches up the hill and around the corner in this zoomed view. The triangle with dot sign is to indicate a flanger to raise the blade for the switch ahead. GP30M4216
Circus Train - Vine St. NS 048NS 048, the Blue Unit of Barnum and Bailey's Circus Train, rolls across the Vine Street crossing and past the approach semaphore in Kalamazoo shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning on September 11th, 2007. About 40 cars of the 60 total on this train are passenger coaches, providing living and work space for the dozens of people that make the circus "go." Many of these are former Union Pacific coaches, but a variety of heritage railroads are represented in Barnum and Bailey's two trains. The semaphore is locked in the "approach" position as an indicator for the approaching BO Tower and interlocking, and as it does not indicate track condition, it is called as "approach-restricting."GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3066NS local job B-1-G is shown moving northbound on the BO Seocndary past BO Tower with a short train bound for North Yard in Kalamazoo, MI. This job operates Monday-Wednesday-Friday to North Yard to work cars primarily for the Graphic Pakaging plants located there. The Thiele tankcars go to one plant, while the boxcars go to another. Five cars is an average size train for North Yard. They have gone with as few as two cars and as many as eleven that I have seen. A locomotive on each end is normal operation for this run. A fresh blanket of snow adds to this scene.GP30M4216
BO TowerWith the first major snow of the year, I ventured out to capture a night photo of BO Tower in Kalamazoo. My aim was to get the beam from the lights of the signal next to the tower to reflect off the falling snowflakes, but then when the signals lit up, the snow stopped. Anyways, you can still see the glow of green-over-red-over-red on the corner of BO, and the crossings just activating for the passage of Amtrak 355. December 2006.GP30M4216
NS GP40-2 #3043B-0-K rumbles northward toward BO Tower and Botsford Yard on the BO Secondary from the south side of Kalamazoo with former Conrail GP40-2s #3043 and #3070 on the headend. This lengthy train had over 20 cars from local industries and Pfizer of Portage, including many boxcars and a few tankcars, and a number of empty coal hoppers from the Pfizer powerhouse. The spur on the left goes into the old "junkyard," which used to fill multiple gondolas weekly and sometimes require a daily switch, but has not been active since 2006. (reactivated early 2008) April 2007.GP30M4216
GTW Caboose #79054CN921, the Kalamazoo turn from Battle Creek, is shown procceding northbound at Kilgore Road. They always have a caboose in tow to lead a backup move over several road crossings in Kalamazoo. For years, it was GTW Wide Vision #79046, but in the Spring of 2007, it was substituted for sister #79054. The classic red 79054 is shown with recently repainted CN GP9R #4616 (also ex GTW) and their train near Kilgore Yard. May 11, 2007GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3065Twin Conrail GP40-2s led by familiar #3065 lead NS local B-1-G westbound by BO Tower and over the interlocking with a fairly long version of this Tuesday & Thursday train. The consist included the usual cars for Lawton and Dowagiac, along with the first ever load of coiled wire for National Standard in Niles. May 8, 2007. GP30M4216
B-1-G with wire carNS local job B-1-G heads west over the diamonds at BO Interlocking in Kalamazoo with a typical consist for Lawton and Dowagiac, and the first car of coiled wire for National Standard in Niles. This plant has recently built a long spur into their plan and apparently will generate quite a bit of traffic for this westbound on Tuesdays & Thurday local. May 8, 2007. GP30M4216
Amtrak P42DC #34A heavy snowfall greets eastbound Wolverine train #350 as it passes through Kalamazoo, with Genesis #34 in the lead. In the background,m barely visible is BO Tower. This train is normally four cars with a locomotive on each end, but this day, for some reason, it did not have a rear engine, and the train was later turned at Detroit, 143 miles ahead. (note the old NYC era cement milepost) January 2007.GP30M4216
Amtrak 350 EastboundWith a swirl of snow, eastbound Amtrak train 350, the Wolverine, disappears into the blizzard as it departs Kalamazoo, MI, near BO Tower. Normally sporting a locomotive on each end to facilitate push-pull operation, this day featured an unusual run with no rear unit, and the twin red lights of the Horizon Cafe car mark the end of the train. January 2007.GP30M4216
NS MP15DC #2366The coming of spring also brought an unusual visitor for a week at the beginning of May, 2007. MP15DC #2366, arrived at Botsford Yard in Kalamazoo, MI, though it never saw much use while here. It occasionally served as a yard switcher, or built an broke down train consists, but generally sat taking up siding space until it was returned to Elkhart during the middle of the month. The blue and white tag under the 2 on the cab side reads "Elkhart" and is a carryover Conrail practice of so lettering yard locomotives based there. May 2, 2007.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3065NS local job B-1-G shoots past the venerable BO Tower on the Michigan Central mainline at Kalamazoo, MI on January 30, 2007. This local operates west on Tuesdays and Thursdays to Lawton, Dowagiac, and sometimes as far as Niles. A pair of Conrail painted ITCS equipped GP40-2s are the standard power, often this 3065/3066 set. They will work Niles today, as evidenced by the Amtrak hopper and boxcars at the headend of the train. The tankcars are for Welch's in Lawton, and the cars at the tail end go to Dowagiac. The fresh snow, icicles, and classic mast signal add to this scene.GP30M4216
NS8913 36E Mosel.jpg
NS D9-40CW #8913A pair of D9-40CW's, #8913 and #9812, lead a short northbound 36E around the curve near the Mosel Avenue crossing on the north side of Kalamazoo. The Grand Rapids train only had 14 cars this day. The track on the right is the old yard lead for the former PRR Mosel Yard, which has been torn up for over a decade. 36E runs north from Elkhart Monday-Saturday, and southbound 37E operates Tuesday-Sunday. April 24, 2007.GP30M4216
CR3065 B-1-G Harris A.jpg
Conrail GP40-2 #3065A pair of familiar Conrail blue GP40-2s accelerate west from the View Crossover near Botsford Yard on the former Michigan Central mainline at Kalamazoo. This is local job B-1-G, which heads west on Tuesdays and Thursday for Lawton and Dowagiac. They have a healthy 13 car train today, with tankcars for Welch's in Lawton and boxcars and a lumber car for Ameriwood at Dowagiac. The bridge in the foreground crosses the Kalamazoo River. April 24, 2007.GP30M4216
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