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Most viewed - Kalamazoo Area 2004-2008
Amtrak 90215 Kzoo River 350.jpg
Amtrak NPCU #90215592 viewsAmtrak Wolverine train 350 crosses the Kalamazoo River bridge heading east from downtown Kalamazoo. Leading the train is Amtrak NPCU F40 Cab #90215, a former F40PH locomotive converted into a non power cab unit. September 2006.GP30M4216
Amtrak 128 BO.JPG
Amtrak P42DC #128493 viewsGenesis #128 leads Amtrak train 353, the Lake Cities, across the former LS&MS diamond next to BO Tower. BO Tower is one of the last operating towers in Michigan, and the last on the west side of the state. The interlocking sees about 20 moves a day. September 2, 2005GP30M4216
Amtrak 90218 North Pass.JPG
Amtrak NPCU #90218361 viewsAfter suffering a hot bearing on the second axle, engineer's side, Amtrak F40 Cab #90218 was set out from train 350 on April 14, 2005, and the train was delayed until Amtrak 353 arrived to offer an eastbound engine. Overall, quite a headache! Number 90218 rested on Botsford Yard's North Pass for a few days before a repair crew was able to come out and replace the bearing. This photo is from April 15, 2005. The signals and switches at West Botsford are in the background.GP30M4216
CN GP9R #4618299 viewsCN921, with former GTW GP9R #4618, switches boxcars at LC Howard, Kalamazoo, MI. This facility is jointly switched by NS B-0-K, and CN921. To line to the right on the embankment is the old PRR mainline, today Norfolk Southern's Upjohn Industrial track. April 10, 2008.GP30M4216
Amtrak P42DC #126275 viewsAmtrak train #353, the Lake Cities, arrives at the platform of the historic Kalamazoo, MI station. Normally operating in push-pull mode, today the train looks more traditional, thanks to the placement of Amtrak company cars "Corridor Clipper" and "Beech Grove" on the tail end. Officials were on board to look over the Amtrak-owned portion of the Michigan Line and the portion which at the time NS was looking to sell between Kalamazoo and Willow Run Yard, near Ypsilanti. April 9, 2008.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3066258 viewsConrail painted GP40-2 leads sequential sister GP40-2 #3067 and a 9 car B-1-G local westbound across the Kalamazoo River Bridge toward BO Tower. The switch in the foreground is the Harris Crossover. The tankcars go to Lawton and are the bread and butter of this westward run, while the single 50' boxcar is destined for Niles. February 5, 2008.GP30M4216
NS D9-40CW #9692255 viewsNS D9-40CW #9692 rounds the wye at BO Tower with manifest 38J, passing the restricting home signal for the interlocking. If you look closely, you can see the conductor reaching out the window to pick up CN Battle Creek Track Bulletins from the hoop. This is probably one of the last places in the country where orders of some kind are picked up from a hoop. 38J is the only train that receives orders here, unless there is another through re-route coming north from Elkhart and turning east at Kalamazoo. January 30, 2007.GP30M4216
NS D9-40CW #9422249 viewsThe crew of NS manifest 39E has just received their Form D's from the Kankakee Dispatcher down to CP-Park (near Three Rivers), and has just gotten their restricting signal from the BO Tower operator to begin to make their pull from track 1 in Kalamazoo. They have just made their Kalamazoo pickup (directly behind the locomotives) on this snowy morning and will now cross over to track 2 before turning south at the power-switch for Elkhart.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3024240 viewsNorthbound manifest 36E is approaching the crossing at Mosel Ave. on the north side of Kalamazoo, on it's daily trek from Elkhart up to Grand Rapids. Can-opener GP40-2 #3024 had the leading honors on this snowy February 14, 2008.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3062225 viewsConrail Quality painted GP40-2 #3062 hauls through Kalamazoo, MI southbound with local job B-17, at the Vine Ave. crossing. They are passing the advance signal for the BO Tower interlocking, a semaphore signal locked in "approach" and displaying an "approach-restricting" indication. B-17 works south from Kalamazoo down the Kalamazoo Secondary Sunday-Friday as far as Vistula, and usually leaves Kalamazoo around 4PM. March, 2007.GP30M4216
Amtrak Capitol 7 Coach 34005.jpg
Amtrak Superliner I Coach 34005219 views29/49 February 25, 2007. Phase IV paint. KalamazooGP30M4216
CR3065 BO.jpg
Conrail GP40-2s #3065 and #3067217 viewsConrail Blue hauls Kalamazoo local train B-1-G west along the old MC mainline at BO Interlocking. B-1-G goes west from Botsford Yard on Tuesdays and Thursdays as far as Dowagiac and sometimes as far as Niles. A pair of ITCS equipped GP40-2s are standard power. They generally head west after Amtrak 350 heads east during the late morning. October 13, 2005GP30M4216
Amtrak P42DC #32216 viewsAmtrak P42 Genesis #32, one of the last locomotives remaining in the old Phase III colors, brings daily train 353, the Lake Cities, alongside BO Tower on the number 1 track approaching the Kalamazoo depot. 2004.GP30M4216
NS B-1-G Clear at BO207 viewsThe BO Tower operator has lined up a clear routing through the interlocking for freight train B-1-G this lunch hour. Conrail painted GP40-2s #3066 and #3067 hustle the 9 car train west bound for Lawton, Dowagiac and Niles. B-1-G runs west from Kalamazoo Tuesdays and Thursdays, and is the only freight train which still plies that portion of the old NYC Michigan Line. February 5, 2008.GP30M4216
Amtrak Capitol 2 P42 30.jpg
Amtrak 29/49 at BO Tower203 viewsFive locomotives and 17 cars as a combined 29/49 (using symbol Amtrak 29) detour westbound on the Michigan Line through Kalamazoo past the venerable BO Tower. February 25, 2007. GP30M4216
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