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BO Tower 11-24-00.jpg
BO TowerNS BO Tower stands vigilant on a snowy afternoon on November 24, 2000. Kalamazoo, MIGP30M4216
Conrail 21302.jpg
Conrail N21 Caboose #21302For years, Conrail N-21 Bay Window Caboose #21302 was based out of Kalamazoo's Botsford Yard to operate on NS local B-1-G to the North Side of town on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. During the winter of 2004, they began to operate B-1-G with a locomotive on each end, eliminating the caboose. No. 21302 was used occassionally after that, but normally stayed on one of the MOW tracks at Botsford, as seen on this April 2004 afternoon. Not too long after, it left Kalamazoo and Botsford is now a cabooseless yard.GP30M4216
NS7061 36E.jpg
GP50 #7061Classic NS high hood power leads northbound train 36-E, "the Granny" over the MC mainline diamonds near BO in Kalamazoo, MI. Power on the train this morning includes pictured GP50 #7061, and FURX SD40-2 #7291, still in predecessor BNSF Heritage I paint. They had 60 cars for Grand Rapids this day. The diamond of the Kalamazoo Branch to Grand Rapids with the Amtrak mainline 1 block west of BO Tower is a great place to watch trains (from the gravel lot shown). 36-E commonly comes through town between 9AM and 1PM Monday-Saturday, so they are a common road freight to see. October 9, 2006.GP30M4216
CR3065 View B-1-G A.jpg
Conrail GP40-2 #3065The familiar all-blue power for NS local train B-1-G rounds the curve at the View Crossovers, near West Botsford, with their train from Niles, Dowagiac, and Lawton. Some days, there is so much switching work that must be done on a Tuesday or Thursday that they die on hours in Dowagiac, then the crew is called the next morning to bring the train back to Kalamazoo. This was one such day, as they take their lunch hour train back into the yard. Conrail GP40-2s 3065 and 3066 are common on this train. Sept 2006.GP30M4216
NS D9-40CW #9347NS D9-40CW #9347 leads a colorful mix of power into the morning sun with a rare daylight passing of NS train 38J in Kalamazoo. They are seen here near the east end of the yard, where they will stop to make their setout of cars for Kalamazoo. They are operating on track 2; westbound track 1 is to the right of the train, and the closest snow-dusted track is the North Pass. A mix of BNSF, Santa Fe, and SP colors shine in the morning snow. Coming into the yard, they had close to 90 cars. The Kalamazoo setoff included a 5th engine (not visible), CR GP40-2 #3070, and about 40 cars. March 7, 2006.GP30M4216
38J at Botsford.jpg
BNSF C44-9W #4182NS manifest 38J rolls east into the morning sun on a rare daylight run through Kalamazoo. They are on track 2 of the MC mainline, with Botsford Yard behind the locomotives. At the east end of the yard, they will make their Kalamazoo setoff, then continue east to Jackson and Wayne. Power this March 7, 2006 morning was NS D9-40CW #9347, BNSF C44-9W #4182, BNSF (Santa Fe) SD40-2 #6310, former SP SD40T-2 rental #8210, and CR GP40-2 #3070, which was dropped off at Botsford Yard along with about 40 cars.GP30M4216
BNSF 6310 (ATSF).jpg
BNSF (ATSF) SD40-2 #6310Classic Santa Fe Bluebonnet SD40-2 #6310 is in-consist of train 38J as they pass the Yard Office at Botsford Yard in Kalamazoo. BNSF power often appears on this train from Elkhart, BNSF C44-9W #4182 is just ahead of the #6310. Behind the Santa Fe is a former Southern Pacific SD40T-2, now a rental locomotive retaining its SP number - 8210. Leading the train this morning is NS D40-9CW #9347. This is a rare sunlit appearence for this normally middle-of-the-night train to Jackson. March 7, 2006.GP30M4216
GTW4621 A.jpg
GTW GP9R #4621Vintage first generation geep #4621 backs across Miller Road in Kalamazoo as it prepares to set off a covered hopper and string of tankcars on the spur for Cytec, the GTW's largest customer on the Kalamazoo Branch. The snowy background makes the bright blue and red Grand Trunk colors stand out. After switching Cytec, they will back north toward downtown with their caboose in the lead to switch Arvco Containers before returning to Battle Creek. The Kalamazoo Switch Rub is symboled CN921. December 19, 2005.GP30M4216
NS8771 38J C.jpg
NS D8-40C #8771Norfolk Southern D8-40C #8771 leads a high hood NS GP50 east around the curve near milepost 140 on the former Conrail Michigan, with a clear indication to proceed at Comstock. This is manifest 38J, which has just departed Kalamazoo's Botsford Yard after completing their setoff, and is now heading east during a rare daylight right for Jackson, MI. Normally, this is a middle of the night train from Elkhart, but every now and then it runs later during daylight hours. 12/19/05GP30M4216
Amtrak 90219 - 350.jpg
Amtrak NPCU #90219Sparkling phase III colors on the sides of F40 Cab #90219 lead train 350, the morning Wolverine, to a station stop at Kalamazoo, MI. The recently renovated Kalamazoo station was built in 1887 by the Michigan Central Railroad and todat serves eight Amtrak trains daily. The 350/355 consist now runs with four cars and offers business class, amenities it gained over the past year when it was a simply 2 coach + cafe car train. September 2006GP30M4216
BNSF 0621 (ATSF) 1.jpg
Santa Fe C44-9W #621Gray skies are brightened by the passing of an AT&SF Warbonnet C44-9W, number 621, which leads a nearly new NS SD70M-2 #2676 and dead in tow NS (Conrail) GP40-2 #3004 from Jackson around the BO Tower wye with mixed freight 39J. Number 621 has BNSF sublettering but otherwise remains in untouched AT&SF colors. 39J had 86 cars in this March 31, 2006 photo. The track in the foreground to the left is the BO Secondary to the north side, and the MC mainline is behind the mast signal.GP30M4216
CR3059 E Botsford A.JPG
Conrail GP40-2 #3059Conrail painted GP40-2 #3059 and NS GP40-2 #3068 idle away with a long cut of cars at the east end of Botsford Yard in Kalamazoo. Number 3059 was stationed in Kalamazoo from August to October 2005 to assist in local and yard operations while some of the usual ITCS equipped GP40-2s were elsewhere. This GP40-2 sports the large Conrail logo and is not ITCS equipped, and therefore could not operate west of BO Tower. August, 2005.
NS 8-40CW #8366Former Conrail 8-40CW #8366 sports bright Norfolk Southern horsehead livery as it clunks across the Michigan Central mainline at Kalamazoo. Teamed up with an NS heritage D9-40CW, they are leading train 36-E northbound through Kalamazoo for Grand Rapids. 36-E, which runs Monday-Saturday, generally appears in Kalamazoo between sun up and 11AM or so. This location is just west of BO Tower, which controls all the train movements through here. Note the CRCX reporting marks.GP30M4216
Amtrak 028 353.jpg
Amtrak P42DC #28Amtrak Genesis #28 teams up with sister #34 to power train 353, the westbound Lake Cities to accellerate past the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Number 34 had engine troubles two days before and #28 was pulled off the Blue Water to assist this trainset. Kind of cool to see two locomotives on the point of this five car train. September 25, 2006.GP30M4216
CR3066 EB B-1-G 1.jpg
Conrail GP40-2 #3066Conrail painted GP40-2s #3066 and #3065 power up with their train as they head east passing the venerable BO Tower in Kalamazoo. This is local job B-1-G, which runs west of town to Dowagiac or Niles on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If they have a lot of switching to do, sometimes they'll park the train at Dowagiac overnight and come back to Kalamazoo the next day, usually arriving at Botsford Yard between 12 noon and 1PM. Here, they bring 8 cars back to the yard on 9/27/06.GP30M4216
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