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39J at BO Tower.JPG
NS 39J at BO TowerThe engines powering train 39J back down into Botsford Yard to make an unusually long pickup. In such a case, the train will stay on the MC mainline at BO Tower rather then risking a derailment on the wye to the BO Secondary. April 2005.GP30M4216
NS D40-9CW #9636NS #9636 shoves with a BNSF C44-9W, NREX SD50, and another NS D40-9CW back over the diamonds at BO Tower into Botsford Yard as they make their pickup as part of train 39J (Jackson-Elkhart). When the pickup from Kalamazoo in more then about 30 cars, they will frequently move straight on MC main #2 and then shove back into the yard rather then go around the wye at the interlocking and risk a derailment on the curve. April 2005GP30M4216
CR3065 BO.jpg
Conrail GP40-2s #3065 and #3067Conrail Blue hauls Kalamazoo local train B-1-G west along the old MC mainline at BO Interlocking. B-1-G goes west from Botsford Yard on Tuesdays and Thursdays as far as Dowagiac and sometimes as far as Niles. A pair of ITCS equipped GP40-2s are standard power. They generally head west after Amtrak 350 heads east during the late morning. October 13, 2005GP30M4216
NS3069 BO Wye.jpg
NS GP40-2 #3069 at BO TowerNS painted GP40-2 #3069, and Conrail sister #3070 haul Kalamazoo local train BZO-2 around the wye at BO Tower in Kalamazoo. This view looks south down the old LS&MS grade. BZO-2 serves many southside industries and goes on duty at 10AM Monday to Thursday passing BO Tower around noon, and Fridays comes by the tower around 3PM. It is based at Botsford Yard. October 21, 2005.GP30M4216
CR5431 B.JPG
Conrail SD50 #5431Conrail Quality painted SD50 #5431 leads an NS SD70 and 77 cars worth of northbound NS train 36E through Kalamazoo bound for Grand Rapids. This train is hitting the old MC mainline diamonds and the former site of Tower 1. This is now controlled by the operator at BO Tower, just 1 block away. September 2, 2005.GP30M4216
Amtrak 128 BO.JPG
Amtrak P42DC #128Genesis #128 leads Amtrak train 353, the Lake Cities, across the former LS&MS diamond next to BO Tower. BO Tower is one of the last operating towers in Michigan, and the last on the west side of the state. The interlocking sees about 20 moves a day. September 2, 2005GP30M4216
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