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BNSF SD40-2 #6720BNSF SD40-2 #6720, a former Santa Fe unit leads BN painted SD60M #9269 and northbound train 36E with 57 cars approaching downtown Kalamazoo. This Elkhart - Grand Rapids freight was quite lengthy for a Thursday and was running a bit later than usual during the early afternoon. The train is shown paralleling Portage Road near the Pfizer power plant. The spur track diverging to the right is the old power plant lead, which was cut short of Portage Rd. not long before this May 9, 2006 photoGP30M4216
Amtrak NPCU #90215Now ten years ago, F40 NPCU Cab #90215 slams over the former PRR diamond with train 353, the Lake Cities, as they approach the Kalamazoo station. Just to the left of 90215 was the site of Tower 1, which guarded the interlocking of the PRR Mackinaw City line with the NYC Michigan Central Division. BO Tower is in the distance, and it gained control of the PRR diamond when Tower 1 was taken out of service. January 19, 2004.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3070Conrail painted GP40-2 #3070 leads GP40-2 #3068, the first of the six Kalamazoo-based GP40-2s to receive NS paint, and four boxcars + a tankcar south as local job B-0-K. This view is recorded at the Division Street crossing, still sporting cateye crossbucks. The boxcars are likely destined for LC Howard or International Paper, while the tankcar is bound for the Pfizer manufacturing plant at the end of the line in Portage. 2005.GP30M4216
CN GP9R #4626Canadian National painted GP9R #4626, a former Grand Trunk Geep, pulls the Kalamazoo Switch Run into the crossing at Miller Road. In the background is Cytec, the biggest customer for the CN in Kalamazoo, and one of the busiest rail users in the area. 4626 has in tow the familiar GT wide-vision caboose used on this job, and several cars to take back to Battle Creek Yard. April 17, 2008.GP30M4216
NS D9-40CW #9422The crew of NS manifest 39E has just received their Form D's from the Kankakee Dispatcher down to CP-Park (near Three Rivers), and has just gotten their restricting signal from the BO Tower operator to begin to make their pull from track 1 in Kalamazoo. They have just made their Kalamazoo pickup (directly behind the locomotives) on this snowy morning and will now cross over to track 2 before turning south at the power-switch for Elkhart.GP30M4216
BNSF C44-9W #5022In need of a bath, BNSF C44-9W #5022 leads northbound manifest 36E, heavy with auto parts boxcars, over the MC mainline approaching Ransom Street. The switch in the foreground leads to a team track in the NW quadrant of the diamond, which is rarely if ever used today. Now in late 2010, so much of this image has changed. Grand Elk now operates this north-south line from Elkhart to Grand Rapids, so BNSF and NS power, and the 36E symbol are all no more. Furthermore, the GM auto parts traffic dried up in 2009, so the trains to Grand Rapids are much shorter now than in the past. But on this April 8, 2008, the northbound train was still carrying important cargo for Norfolk Southern through Kalamazoo.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3065Conrail GP40-2 #3065 is now in the "caboose spot" as local job B-1-G proceeds north up the BO Secondary toward North Yard. For this move, the leading locomotive west out of Botsford Yard is crewed by the conductor and brakeman, who blow the horn and indicate via radio to the engineer the status of crossing protection and signal indications, etc. Once the train has passed the switch near Kalamazoo Street, the whole train reverses, and the engineer leads north. The process is reversed for the run back to Botsford. The tankcars on B-1-G are common and go to Graphic Packaging, the busiest industry in old North Yard.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3066Conrail painted NS GP40-2 #3066 leads local job B-1-G northbound at BO Tower in Kalamazoo. This is a M-W-F operation which goes up to switch at North Yard, on the old LS&MS line. BO Tower is located at the diamond of the old LS&MS ("BO Secondary") and the old Michigan Central Detroit-Chicago mainline ("Michigan Line"). As the train is about the clank over the diamonds, the BO Tower op leans his head out the window to give the short three car train a roll-by inspection. The small dwarf signal guards the BO Secondary northbound.GP30M4216
Amtrak P42DC #30Amtrak Genesis P42DC #30 flashes west with a flurry of freshly fallen snow leading train 353, the Lake Cities, at West Botsford in Kalamazoo. At the west end of the yard, NS GP40-2s #3067 (Conrail paint) and #3068 idle away with a local train. The snow covered track to the left is the North Pass. Note that Amtrak #30 lacks a nose logo. Winter 2007.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3024Northbound manifest 36E is approaching the crossing at Mosel Ave. on the north side of Kalamazoo, on it's daily trek from Elkhart up to Grand Rapids. Can-opener GP40-2 #3024 had the leading honors on this snowy February 14, 2008.GP30M4216
NS D9-40CW #9794Manifest 36E proceeds northbound up the Kalamazoo Secondary near Gibson Street on it's way toward Grand Rapids' Hughart Yard. The train has just switched from the former LS&MS alignment onto the former GR&I/PRR alignment for the remainder of it's trip north. The short spur which ends in the foreground is the old siding into the Upjohn/Pfizer downtown powerhouse. This spur was cut back in 2007 to the length shown here, and is occasionally used to store MofW equipment. April 22, 2008.GP30M4216
Amtrak P42DC #32Amtrak P42 Genesis #32, one of the last locomotives remaining in the old Phase III colors, brings daily train 353, the Lake Cities, alongside BO Tower on the number 1 track approaching the Kalamazoo depot. 2004.GP30M4216
Conrail GP40-2 #3065Kalamazoo local job B-0-K, the "Pfizer Flyer" makes its southbound trek along the Upjohn Secondary in Kalamazoo. Power is provided by Conrail painted GP40-2 #3065 this May afternoon. The train consists of an impressive nine gondolas which will later be spotted and loaded on the junkyard spur near the Michigan Avenue crossing, a tankcar for the Pfizer Portage complex, and a pair of 50' boxcars for another on-line industry. The train is shown here at the Crosstown Parkway crossing, May 16, 2008.GP30M4216
CN GP9R #4618CN921, with former GTW GP9R #4618, switches boxcars at LC Howard, Kalamazoo, MI. This facility is jointly switched by NS B-0-K, and CN921. To line to the right on the embankment is the old PRR mainline, today Norfolk Southern's Upjohn Industrial track. April 10, 2008.GP30M4216
Amtrak P42DC #126Amtrak train #353, the Lake Cities, arrives at the platform of the historic Kalamazoo, MI station. Normally operating in push-pull mode, today the train looks more traditional, thanks to the placement of Amtrak company cars "Corridor Clipper" and "Beech Grove" on the tail end. Officials were on board to look over the Amtrak-owned portion of the Michigan Line and the portion which at the time NS was looking to sell between Kalamazoo and Willow Run Yard, near Ypsilanti. April 9, 2008.GP30M4216
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