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CSXT 524Hearing D80211 running the N90311's lead loco(BNSF 5984 i believe) that now has permission to go siding to main at wells going east. D80111 already on the rear to push..think i'm going trackside for lunch :) 1:11pm

edit: managed to catch this going around the west leg of the wye in holand at 2:15pm. wish the rear units would have left their ditch lights on, but oh well, decent enough shot. 10/11/10
~Z~Feb 06, 2013
MOW tie removalWork crew pulling up old ties near the airport in Holland. 05/08/09~Z~Feb 06, 2013
CSXT 7871Q32619 eastbound from Zeeland nearing Vriesland. 05/19/09~Z~Feb 06, 2013
CSXT 343Caught W08006 between Holland and Saugatuck during lunch. They went into the siding at Saugatuck and are now planning on dumping on their way down the hill. There's a pusher set coming out of West Olive to tie onto a coal train at Wells, and she's hoping the ballast train will get past Wells before the helper set is too close. 09/10/10~Z~Feb 06, 2013
CSXT 388CSX pulling western empties in Holland? Nah... D80124 pushing on the rear of this western coal load turning north around Anthrax Curve at Waverly Yard. Glad the pusher units left their ditchlights going :) April 24, 2009~Z~Feb 06, 2013
RMSX0501Just after sunset, a rail grinder works its way west by Madison Ave in GR. 11/21/09~Z~Feb 03, 2013
RMSX0501Grinding away westbound near Seymour in GR. 11/21/09~Z~Feb 03, 2013
RMSX0501Grinding away westbound at Fox in GR. 11/21/09~Z~Feb 03, 2013
RMSX0501Grinding away westbound at Fox in GR. 11/21/09~Z~Feb 03, 2013
SD80MAC in Marne11/14/09~Z~Dec 04, 2012
SD70Accsxt700, NEVETS, and Captain.Out watching the photo charter around Owosso. 10/10/09~Z~Dec 04, 2012
NKP 765A couple of railfans watch NKP 765 during runbys at Ithaca. 07/26/2009~Z~Oct 22, 2012
NKP 765Wyeing in Alma. Few of us were livid as some lady was walking along to the left of the train while it was moving along. 07/26/2009~Z~Oct 22, 2012
Larry not happy, taken in Alma. 07/26/2009 ~Z~Oct 22, 2012
PM 1225Sky covered with steam, as sunlight and the trailing caboose attempt to get through. 02/16/2008~Z~Oct 22, 2012
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