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NKP 765NKP 765 heading northwest out of Owosso, taken in the morning. 07/26/2009~Z~Oct 22, 2012
CN 2446Butt end of CN 2446 running back to it's train. 06/02/12~Z~Jul 05, 2012
CSXT 871Q32620 eastbound nearing Hudsonville. Wasn't planning to shoot them as I was on a tight schedule to work, but the highway had a traffic jam, so detoured down Chicago Dr and stumbled on these guys. Codeline should be gone in a year as new signals are being installed. 06/20/12~Z~Jun 29, 2012
CSXT 8405Father's day treat while the kiddos were sleeping was a bike ride to Seymour to catch this westbound Herzog ballast train. They ended up dumping ballast the following day east of Grand Rapids before returning to Toledo. 06/17/12~Z~Jun 18, 2012
PM 1225Northbound through Henderson with another load of kids. 12/20/08~Z~Apr 02, 2012
GLC 385GLC 385 is having major problems, spewing lots of smoke into the air at the Saginaw County Fairgrounds. Ok, maybe PM 1225 is behind it. :) 12/20/08~Z~Apr 02, 2012
PM 1225Across the fields north of Owosso. 12/20/08~Z~Apr 02, 2012
PM 1225Decent east wind blowing the plume in front of slowly moving PM 1225 in downtown Owosso. 12/20/08~Z~Apr 02, 2012
GLC 385GLC 385 heading up towards the headend at the Saginaw County fairgrounds. 12/20/08~Z~Apr 02, 2012
PM 1225PM 1225 northbound at MP77 near the Saginaw County Fairgrounds. 12/20/08~Z~Apr 02, 2012
GLC 385Frosty photographing GLC 385 at the Saginaw County Fairgrounds. 12/20/08~Z~Apr 02, 2012
PM 1225Northbound with passengers probably at Juddville Rd on the north side of Owosso. 12/20/08~Z~Mar 29, 2012
PM 1225PM 1225 sitting in Owosso loading up passengers. edited this photo years ago, appears I did a bad job with the shadow/highlight tool, lolz. 12/20/08~Z~Mar 29, 2012
PM 1225Polar Express run going north at King St in Owosso. 12/20/08~Z~Mar 29, 2012
Flagg Coal 75#75 pushing a few cabooses at M-21 in Owosso. 08/23/08~Z~Mar 29, 2012
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