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TW with Y@TW wanted a pic of him up on the caboose.. not me taking a photo of him getting his photo taken. Y@ on right side of photo. 06/11/11~Z~Jun 19, 2011
NYC MuseumSome of the meet attendies hanging in the NYC Museum in Elkhart - 10/02/10~Z~Jun 19, 2011
CaptainShort time exposure in Elkhart 10/02/10~Z~Jun 19, 2011
CSXT 5324Only daylight train in eastern Grand Rapids today happened to come in sweet sunlight. Many people at the cemetery today here near Seymour. 05/30/11~Z~May 30, 2011
CSXT 8447Q32724 with CSXT 8447 and CSXT 8415 west by 32nd St in GR. 08/24/09~Z~May 30, 2011
CSXT 8097Don't get out often enough midday in winter to fan, but figured a shot looking mostly due north here near 36th St in GR worked well. Eliminated the poles from sight to the left at least. 02/19/11~Z~May 30, 2011
CP 8797As I was leaving for work, heard CP X500 eastbound through Grand Rapids. Headed for Breton to quickly get this shot and then it was off for Holland. 08/05/09~Z~May 30, 2011
UP 4720UP 4720 westbound splitting the signals near the blue grass cut around Kimmell, IN. 06/14/09~Z~May 19, 2011
CSXT 8094Short hike for this one, here's a westbound near Kimmell IN. 10/21/07~Z~May 19, 2011
CSXT 7671CSXT 7671 west nearing Kimmell IN. 10/21/07~Z~May 19, 2011
CSXT 4841Sweeping through the curves nearing Albion. 10/21/07~Z~May 19, 2011
CSXT 2644Quite the short local, heading east back towards Garrett near Albion. 10/21/07~Z~May 19, 2011
BNSF 4769BNSF 4769 northbound near Joliet. 06/24/06~Z~May 19, 2011
BNSF 789BNSF 789 heads south by the Silver Cross field in Joliet. 06/24/06~Z~May 19, 2011
Amtrak 190Amtrak engine 190 north through Joliet about to stop at the station. 06/24/06~Z~May 19, 2011
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