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BNSF 7835Whole lineup of new power going west coming into Deshler. 06/12/11~Z~Sep 30, 2011
CSXT 7811Rounding the corner to head south in Deshler. 06/12/11~Z~Aug 02, 2011
CSXT 8874Loads of MOW equipment go from west to southbound here in Deshler. Many railfans from railroadfan.com's spring 2011 meet at the shelter. 06/12/11~Z~Aug 02, 2011
We did it!I had a feeling if we put the board centered on the pit that it would burn through the center..took about 10 minutes, but the hole has opened! 06/12/11~Z~Aug 02, 2011
Fire at 6:30amFire was kept going throughout the night, and some troops are still up. Y@, GLC 392, and DR watch a westbound after waking me up. 06/12/11~Z~Aug 02, 2011
CSXT 341CSXT 341 makes the turn to head south at Deshler. 06/11/11~Z~Jun 23, 2011
Moon over DeshlerSaw MagnumForce getting some sweet shots of the moon, tried this..meh, i need to get better at night shooting. 06/11/11~Z~Jun 23, 2011
IORY 4070Where is Boarder? Here they are shoving at Hamler. 06/14/09~Z~Jun 23, 2011
CSXT 5385On the way back to Deshler from Leipsic, Tops, GLC392, and I stopped to bag this guy heading south. 06/14/09~Z~Jun 23, 2011
CSXT 7504CSXT 7504 south at Leipsic. 06/14/09~Z~Jun 23, 2011
CSXT 7710Most hung around the park, but I got to the other site of the pond for a well..blah photo. 06/23/11~Z~Jun 23, 2011
Y@ and kristenm09Y@'s potential future woman, although I hear "she has standards." - 06/11/11~Z~Jun 23, 2011
WhiteLocal at Marion~Z~Jun 23, 2011
NS 8382Strange numberboards... Marion OH 06/11/11~Z~Jun 23, 2011
TW and TTAMSaw these two coming from behind the caboose, lens cap off, and only shot I managed before laughing was this of TW unable to manage the hilly terrain behind TTAM. 06/11/11~Z~Jun 19, 2011
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