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Hesston Steam Museum "Full Size" Locomotive Roster

  • 3 foot and 2 foot Gauge Locomotives.
Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
Brookfield, Salt Creek & Western 1 2-8-0 1918 Ex-BSC&W 1/GS-J/German Army. Stored. Awaiting restoration. From Brookfield Zoo. Built as a 0-8-0T by Arnold Jung in Germany. Rebuilt by Sandley Works.
Indianapolis Power & Light 1 0-4-0F 1950 Ex-Indianapolis Power & Light 1. Stored. Awaiting cosmetic restoration. Rescued from ITM in 2018. Standard gauge. Frame and running gear only.
Cia. Agricola de Guatemala 2 2-6-0 1909 Ex-CAG 2/CAG 55. Operational. Main locomotive. Returned to service in 2019.
New Mexico Lumber 7 Shay-3 Truck 1929 Ex-BHCR 77/EHL 7/ORL 7/NML 7. Operational. Main locomotive. Last narrow gauge Shay built by Lima.
United Fruit 17 2-6-0 1920 Ex-UF 17/CAG 17/CAP 63. Disassembled. Awaiting restoration. From the Gilmore Car Museum.
Mecklenburg Pommersche Schmalspurbahn No. 99-3361 0-8-0 1938 Ex-DR 99-3361/MPS 99-3361. Stored serviceable.
A. Meyer 125 0-4-0T 1940 Ex-Adolf Meyer AG. Operational. Main locomotive. Boiler was first fired at the museum in the 1980s (hidden during the war).
Brookfield, Salt Creek & Western 242 2-4-2 1972 Ex-BSC&W 242. Operational. Used only during special events, as it can only pull one car. From Brookfield Zoo. Built by Sandley Works.
Flying Dutchman Railroad 1 Plymouth ?? 19?? (6908) ?? Ex-?? Stored in the car barn.
Flying Dutchman Railroad 2 DDT 12Ton 1957 (6034) Ex-Carpenter Steel. Operational. Used during lighter days and for switching.
Flying Dutchman Railroad 3 DDT 12Ton 1958 (6069) Ex-Inland Steel. Stored derelict. Burned in 1985 fire.
Illinois Brick Company 4 DGT 10Ton 1953 (5782) Ex-AMB 4/IBC 4. Operational. Used during lighter days, special events, and for switching.
Flying Dutchman Railroad 15 DDT 12Ton 1958 (6151) Ex-Silcott/Carpenter Steel. Operational. Used during lighter days and for switching.
Brookfield, Salt Creek & Western (CBQ) 999 SW-1 1966 Ex-CBQ 999/BSC&W 999. Operational. Used during special events and lighter days. Built by Sandley Works using Alan Herschell chassis.
Hesston Steam Museum 1 7Ton 1923 (11462) Ex-Sullivan Machinery/Joy Mfg 1. Inoperable. On display.

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