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Pavilion, MI: 05/18/17

Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 10:45 pm
by NSSD70ACe
Went to Pavilion, MI and the South Bend Sub on Thuraday night. Wasn't too busy. First train was L521 returning from South Bend, pausing at Pavilion to pick up cars from the Kalamazoo Branch:


Right after this photo was taken, whomever the engineer was called over to the conductor "let's see how these two like being filmed on their job". Guess he wasn't much of a fan of my dad and I, but that's the nature of railfanning for ya.

Shortly after leaving S Ave., we heard L521 talking to another train approaching the crossing that snuck up on us. We caught it at North Indian Lake Drive rounding the curve. I discovered it to be X307 earlier this morning. The wiki doesn't have any info for this train.


Those were the only two trains that come by during my stay. The photo of L521 came out dark due to the trees, and I'm still working on a way to brighten it up a little.


EDIT: Figured out a way to fix the brightness problem. The first photo has been replaced.