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@ ~Z~ « Sun 7:48:53 pm »
did a loop up to M6 and over through my bro’s neighborhood. saw my nephew outside so stopped by for a bit. then saw CNW8835 and his wifey outside so said a quick hi. kiddo saw a classmate on the trail too. fun day riding around.
@ ~Z~ « Sun 7:47:42 pm »
took son kiddo on bike ride today, longest he’s managed so far. 14.09 DISTANCE ( MI ) 7.79 AVG SPEED ( MPH ) 1:55:15 DURATION 718 CALORIES ( KCAL )
@ AARR « Sun 7:46:52 pm »
Im stumped so far CRD ???
@ AARR « Sun 7:23:48 pm »
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@ ConrailDetr​oit « Sun 7:07:33 pm »
AARR, I think you are going to be quite surprised on the current where is it
@ AARR « Sun 6:13:17 pm »
has started a new topic: Michigan Northern
@ AARR « Sun 4:21:34 pm »
Tough wind going south to north then east to west
@ AARR « Sun 4:21:02 pm »
Yes ~Z~, all on the MOT :)
@ AARR « Sun 4:20:39 pm »
40.1 miles, 2’30"55’", 2,083cal, 15.9 mph
@ 9xs « Sun 2:08:27 pm »
at one time the crossings were radio keyed to the tratfic signals similar to rural airport lighting
@ Saturnalia « Sun 11:35:53 am »
I haven’t been able to ask why yet, but it appears as though NICTD only uses one track circuit per crossing, no island at the crossing itself
@ Saturnalia « Sun 11:35:17 am »
The rails are the ground for the 1500V DC so the equipment simply won’t work. So they’re stuck with fixed-length approach circuits. So if Franklin’s circuit was the correct length to the east, trains stopping at 11th street would not foul Franklin but cause the crossing (which is just traffic lights) to stay lined for the railroad
@ Saturnalia « Sun 11:33:47 am »
The challenge with grade crossings on electrified territory is that they cannot use the predictor circuits like most railroads do now, which are able to figure out the speed of the train and adjust accordingly using impedance and other fancy track circuit stuff
@ Saturnalia « Sun 11:32:44 am »
So departing trains are instructed to depart when the light at Franklin is red, and creep up until they get green, as the circuit knocks down the light for Franklin St
@ Saturnalia « Sun 11:32:03 am »
Basically the approach circuit for the crossing is really short, so that the train does not cause the crossing to go off during their station stop, and ends after eastbounds clear

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