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Maryland and Northern Trans. Co.

Unread postPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:03 pm
by ES44AH
This is the last revision. Got ahead of myself and starting over one last time.

A Brief History:
The Maryland and Northern Transportation Company was started in 1963 as a spin off from the bankrupt Baltimore and Ohio (the C&O contro never happens). The M&N used the B&O lines out of Baltimore to Washington DC and west to Cumberland, Grafton, and Pittsburgh. The system is divided into 4 divisions. The East Division, Central Division, West Division, and South Division. The Old Main Line, Capitol Sub and Metropolitan Sub form the East Division, the Cumberland Sub makes up the Central Division, Cumberland Terminal and the Keystone sub form the West division, and the Mountain Sub forms the South Division. The Major terminals are Mt.Clare in Baltimore, Potomac in Alexandria, Va (DC), Brunswick, MD, Martinsburg, WV, and Cumberland, MD. Heavy repairs are performed at Mt.Clare, Brunswick, and Cumberland.

Locomotives and Rolling Stock:
The M&N's diesel roster is made up primarily of GE and ALCo products with some 2nd and 3rd generation EMD. The oldest locomotives are an A-B-A set of 1937 vintage EMC EA's and an A-B set of 1948 vintage ALCo PA-1's. Motive power is diverse with small end-cabs, to large high horsepower road units as well as home builds and rebuilds. Most of the ALCo rebuilds have GE internals and GE prime movers.

While most of the rolling stock is from other roads or private leasers, the M&N does have its own in-house car fleet of about 2000 cars. majority being open hopper, covered hopper, box, and deepwell intermodal cars. A small refrigerator fleet of 300 cars are the most recent additions.

Traffic runs 24/7/365 with most trains being mixed manifest. Intermodals have the highest priority, with 4 Hot trains a day, 2 west and 2 east. Coal traffic has decreased, but still makes up most of the traffic coming off the South Division. Passenger trains are handled by M&N, as well as commuter. 2 Named passenger trains operated daily, The Capitol Limited (P900-901) from DC to Chicago (uses trackage rights west of Pittsburgh) and Baltimore Flyer from Baltimore to Cumberland (P902-903). Commuter trains run Monday-friday (P910's-920's-930's) and serve Baltimore and DC. An Office Car Special runs occasionally, with a full matching B&O consist (P998-999)

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by ES44AH
M&N diesel roster:
51-52: EA
51X: EB
100: PA-1
100X: PB-1
101-120: MP15AC
121-135: SW1500
140-144: S-2
200-220: GP15
1000-1100: AC4400CH
1101-1300: ES44AH
1400-1405: C636
1410-1500: CW44-9
1700-1702: SD45RM (Chopped nose SD45, ex Southern)
1600: C630MR (C630 with GE 7FDL primemover)
1800-1900: SD40
2000-2200: GP40
2500-2550: GP38
3000-3200: SD40-2
3850-3879: SD50
3880-3890: SD38-3M (SD50 with GP38 internals)
4000-4050: C40-8
4100-4150: AC6000CW
4200-4210: SD70ACe
4211-4220: SD70
4221-4440: SD60I
5000-5005: SD80MAC
6000-6030: P42AC
6031-6040: 8-32BHW
6060-6100: F9PH-2
6060X-6100X: F7B

Special interest:
100A ALCo PA-1
100X ALCo PB-1
1000 B&O Heritage unit (Sunburst)
1300 50th Anniversary
1800 1960's yellow and black scheme
1801 WM patch

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by ES44AH
Three steam locomotives make up the M&N steam program. All former B&O, they operated as revenue engines for a short time when the railroad was founded. Now, they are used for excursions service. The Steam Heritage Shops are located at the Martinsburg Shops in Martinsburg, WV.

Steam Roster:
5300: B&O P-7 "President Washington" 4-6-2
5594: B&O T-3b 4-8-2
7600: B&O EM-1 2-8-8-4

Locomotive History:
B&O 5300: The first of 20 4-6-2 Pacifics built by Baldwin for the B&O in 1927. The Pacifics were known as the President class, all 20 were named after US Presidents. B&O 5300 was names for the Nations first President, George Washington. President Washington, and the other 19 Pacifics, were famous for leading such name trains as Capitol Limited, National Limited, and Royal Blue. All 20 wore B&O's Olive Green until 1944 when they were painted into B&O blue. In 1956, the President Washington became B&O 100, and in 1957 was retired. Originally, all 20 were to be scrapped, but B&O 100 was saved and restored to as built condition. The Locomotive was put on display at the B&O Roundhouse museum. In 2012, as part of the M&N's 50th anniversary, 5300 was returned to steam.

B&O 5594: Built in 1948, the 5594 was the last home built 4-8-2, Built by the B&O at the Mt.Clare shops. The T-class Mountains were designed heavy passenger locomotives, used mostly on passenger trains west of Cumberland. In the 1940's, the larger T-2 and T-3 freight, due to traffic increase from, WW2. The Mountains were retired in the early 1950's. 5594 was stored in a scrapyard and in 1962 was bought by the M&N. in 1965, 5594 ran under her own power and hauled revenue freight again, as well as excursions. Today, 5594 only pulls excursions.

B&O 7600: B&O's ultimate steam power, the EM-1 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone. 30 EM-1 were some of B&O's most modern steam locomotives, but werent actually desired by the B&O. Due to wartime restrictions, the B&O could not purchase newer EMD FT diesel, the only choice was steam. The EM-1 eventually made a name for itself as the premier heavy freight engine over the West End. By the late 1950s, the B&O finally started buying diesels and the EM-1 were sent to Ohio for ore service. All 30 were retired in 1960. When the M&N was formed in 1962, word of a surviving EM-1 reached the Power Department. B&O 7600 and a sister EM-1 were spared by the scrappers torch. Both were bought, the unnumbered EM-1 became a parts donor for 7600. The 7600 was used primarily as a helper engine, and in 1971 was reassigned to excursion service.

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by ES44AH
Maryland and Northern's other operation.

In addition to the rail system, the M&N operates its own airline, Air Maryland Airways. Air Maryland Airways (AMA) was formed in 1970 as a commuter airline serving cities off line. The early fleet consisted of 15 Douglas DC-3 (10 ex-Pan-Am, 3 ex-Eastern, and 2 surplus C-47). Based out of Hagerstown Airport in Hagerstown, MD, AMA serves such large airports as BWI, Dulles, and Pittsburgh, as well as smaller regionals like Frederick and Martinsburg. The current fleet is made up of 7 Beechcraft KingAir 100 (being replaced with Super KingAir 200), 4 DC-3, and a Boeing 707 freighter. The 7 KingAir and 4 DC-3 wear the standard black and yellow (Black fuselage, yellow tails) while the 707 wears its original Silver and Gold (Air Maryland's original colors, M&N's Passenger colors). The 4 of the 11 Super KingAir on order will wear the standard colors, 4 will receive "special liveries" for the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, Retro colors, and Maryland Flag.

AMA "roster" (note: not real N-Numbers)
N100MX-Boeing 707-320C "00-Spirit of Maryland" (Former Pan-Am)
N001MN-Beech 100 "King Air" 001 (Replaced with Beech 200, In service Jan 2017)
N002MN-Beech 100 "King Air" 002 (Replaced with Beech 200, In service Jan 2017)
N003MN-Beech 100 "King Air" 003 (Replaced with Beech 200, In service Jan 2017)
N004MN-Beech 100 "King Air" 004 (Replaced with Beech 200, In Service jan 2017)
N005MN-Beech 100 "King Air" 005
N006MN-Beech 100 "King Air" 006
N007MN-Beech 100 "King Air" 007
N011MX-Douglas DC-3 "011-Baltimore" (Former Pan-Am)
N014MX-Douglas DC-3 "014-Frederick" (Former Eastern Airlines)
N015MX-Douglas DC-3/C-47 "015-Hagerstown" (Former US Army)
N020MX-Douglas DC-3 "020-Cumberland" (Former Pan-Am)
N110MN-Lockheed L-100 110 (Former Delta Airlines)
On order-11 Beechcraft 200 Super King Air (4 delivered)

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Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:54 pm
by ES44AH
Air Maryland King Air N002MN "002" is out for repairs after a gear up landing at Frederick. No one was injured, but aircraft has minor fuselage damage and major damage to props and engines. 002 will be retired from service, but will be rebuilt as a ground training aid. A super king air with the same number will replace 002 in November.

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by ES44AH
A 4th steam engine has been added to the steam program.A former-B&O Q-4 class 2-8-2 Mikado. Plans to have it up and running by summer of 2017.
the GE Tier 4 prototype units will be leased for evaluation starting in November.

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by ES44AH
M&N News:
A pair of General Electric ET44AC are being tested.

M&N has acquired the Bay Coast Railroad on the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia. This will become the M&N's Eastern Shore Division and serves grain elevators along the eastern shore and also operates a car ferry to Norfolk and soon Baltimore. GP38's 2500-2510 will replace BCRR's units.

Air Maryland News:
The first 3 of 11 Super King Air for Air Maryland have been delivered, they will enter service in January 2017. A former Delta Airlines Lockheed L100 (civilian C-130E) has been added to replace one of the DC-3 in air cargo service.

Boeing 707 "00" will temporarily enter service as 2 DC-3 are out for rebuilds.

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Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:36 pm
by ES44AH
ET44AC's are now testing over the West Division on coal drags U811 and U814

Business Special X-51: EA 51, EB 51X, and PA-1 100.
Operating on East Division from Baltimore to Point of Rocks.

EM-1 7600 and AC44 1000 will be set aside for Holiday Special in December.

Locomotive Rebuild/Repair updates:

EA 52 is out of service for engine overhaul, will be rebuilt with 12-567 prime movers

SD80MAC 5004 to Cumberland for turbocharger replacement

P42AC 6000 to Cumberland for HEP replacement

SD50 3850-3879 to Cumberland for heavy rebuild into SD38-3MP (for commuter service to replace F-units)

GP15 218 to Martinsburg for truck repair after derailment.

C636 1400-1405 to Cumberland for heavy rebuild into C636MR-AC. Will receive GE 12-7FDL and AC components

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by ES44AH
M&N holiday special will run on December 10 and 11, starting in Baltimore and ending in Connellsville. A second train will operate on the 17th and 18th and will run down to Grafton, WV. Train 924 (first train) will be pulled by EM-1 7600 and AC4400CW 1000. Train 925 will be led by 51 and 51x.

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by ES44AH
Air Maryland News:

All King Air have been retired and replaced with Super King Air

DC-3's 010 and 014 are being repowered with Pratt-Whitney PT6 turboprop engines.

DC-3 020 has been retired, replaced with L100 of same number. L100 is flying "patched" Delta Livery with M&N patch logos.

M&N News:

Eastern Shore branch has been upgraded and is now opened for revenue.

Q-4 2-8-2 4452 will be conducting test runs over the next few weeks.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:55 am
by ES44AH
Nothing to report from Air Maryland, all King Air are being phased out for Super King Air.

M&N news:

10 ET44AH have been ordered, delivered by end of year. the units will be numbered in the 7000 series

M&N adds another "Frankenstein" locomotive to the roster, MNTX 10000. Classified as a DHE-660, 10000 is rebuilt from 2 SD40 mated together at the cab (think Baldwin Transfer unit). The unit will operate in helper service over Sand Patch Grade. 10K generates 6000hp from its twin 3000hp 16-645 and has extra weights added for increased traction. 10K also has the honor as one of the few North American locomotives to receive a 5-digit number, only because 9000-series is being reserved. A second DHE-660 is being built, numbered 10001, and will be put into captive service over Par's Ridge near Mt.Airy, MD.

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Unread postPosted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:15 pm
by ES44AH
After a leave of absence, getting back on track (pun intended).

The Canton Railroad in Baltimore, MD has been acquired by the M&N, now called the Baltimore Terminal Railway. Ex-Canton locomotives will be put up for sale. 8 TS38R (GP60B rebuilt as endcab switchers) will provide new power.

M&N acquired Bay Coast Railroad has been renamed Maryland East Coast and operates two of the oldest locomotives on roster, a GP7 and a GP9.

50 EMD GP50 have been bought from BNSF, these are the 400-series.

15 ex-ATSF SD45-2 are being rebuilt into dynamic brake units. Dynamic Brake units (DB-1) have no primemover and have two sets of Dynamic grids.

SD45RM 1702 has been repainted into USAF gray and dedicated to the 104th Fighter Squadron, Maryland Air National Guard.

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Unread postPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:22 pm
by ES44AH
The M&N has opened a new line serving BWI Airport. The line branches off near St. Denis. A fleet of 9 rebuilt E8A have been assigned to this new line and each locomotive is painted as an airline that serves BWI (not all are represented).

The new units are:

MNTX 6200 "Southwest Airlines"
MNTX 6201 "Delta Airlines"
MNTX 6202 "American Airlines"
MNTX 6203 "Air Canada"
MNTX 6204 "Spirit Airlines"
MNTX 6205 "JetBlue"
MNTX 6206 "British Airways"
MNTX 6207 "Virgin Atlantic"
MNTX 6208 "Allegiant Air"

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Unread postPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:04 am
by ES44AH
That time of year again, the running of the M&N Holiday Special. Like every year, the Holiday Special is being sponsored by charity organizations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.

2017 Consist:

2-8-8-4 EM-1 7604

AC44AH 1000 B&O heritage unit

4 50ft Boxcars (painted to match passenger consist) for collection of donations

MNPX 999989 HEP car

MNPX 999990 Generator car

MNPX 1 "Saint Mary" coach

MNPX 3 "Baltimore" coach

MNPX 8 "Somerset" coach

MNPX 9 "Dorchester" coach

MNPX 10 "Prince George" coach

MNPX 15 "Harford" Diner

MNPX 4 "Calvert" coach

MNPX 17 "Washington" sleeper/dorm

MNPX 99 "Lord Baltimore" Office Car observation

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Unread postPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:45 am
by ES44AH
First post of 2018.

Loocmotive News:

MNTX 11, the only operating H24-66 in existence, is now at the Mount Clare shops for some traction motor repairs.

SD45RM 1706 has suffered a crankshaft failure. En route to Cumberland for engine rebuild.

ETB-1 (former ATSF SD75) will be used to test Progress Rails 1010-series primemover. The 12-1010 will be used in future rebuilds of SD70M and SD80MAC.

E8PH 6204 is at the Mount Clare Shops for HEP system repair.

Air Maryland News:

As of this post, all Beech 100 King Air have been retired and replaced with Beech 200 Super King Air. The 7 King Air will be put up for sale/auction.

DC-3 015 has been retired and will be donated to the Baltimore Railroad Museum.

DC-3 020 has been returned to service after complete engine overhaul.

Maryland East Coast Railway news:

5 ex-NS high hood GP38-2 will replace the aging GP7/GP9. The units are in a patched NS scheme and will be repainted upon next servicing. The units are former NS 5020, 5024, 5040, 5051, and 5059. Two of the 5 will wear schemes of MDEC's predecessor names. 5020 will wear PRR colors and 5024 will wear Eastern Shore colors, the rest will be painted in standard M&N black.

Baltimore Terminal News:

Nothing to report

Frederick Railway News:

A former US Navy GE 44t has been purchased. This brings the roster up to two units, the other a former US Army EMD Model 40

The 2017 Holiday Special was a great success, bringing in almost $1 Million dollars worth of donations

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by ES44AH
Air Maryland has purchased 4 ex-Southwest Airlines 737-300. The 733's will replace the DC-3 that have already been retired. For now, the aircraft fly in patched out SW livery.

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by ES44AH
Locomotive News:

H24-66 #11 has been placed back in service at Curtis bay.

the ex-NS GP38-2s have been rebuilt with "chopped" noses similar to SD45RM. MDEC 5024 and 5040 were shipped to Cape Charles, VA earlier last week. The final 3 units have been painted into a "heritage" scheme, reviving the original yellow and black scheme from 1964.

*SD70ACe's 4200, 4202, 4204-4210 have been sold to Rock Island*

Air Maryland:

DC-3 015 is being prepped for transport to Baltimore Railroad Museum.

(*not technically "canon")

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Unread postPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:32 pm
by ES44AH
Not much new to report.

The ACe's have been pulled from storage for decommissioning. They will be sent west later this week.

The last 3 GP38-2M are headed to Cape Charles to home rails on Maryland East Coast.

Cumberland Shop Updates:

-SD70ACe's 4200, 4202, 4204-4210 have been moved from deadline to main shop building. The units will be commissioned, lettering and logos being patched out.

-Baltimore Terminal Railway 10007 (AF-7) is in Cumberland for overhaul.

-AC4400CW 1089 undergoing conversion to AC44T4. To be renumbered 1099.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 7:49 am
by ES44AH
The ACe's have been dropped off to Rock Island.

The AC44T4 program has been cancelled, 1089 will remain a AC44AH. The sale of the ACe's are going towards the purchase of 10 ET44AH (the new 1090-series, AC44T4s 1090-1098 will be retired)

As a shakedown trial, 4-8-2 5594 will be pulling regional passenger trains between Baltimore and DC. 5594 has just completed a total rebuild. A E8M will provided assistance if needed.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:20 am
by ES44AH
Updated Locomotive Roster:

51-52: EA
51X: EB
11: H24-66
101-120: MP15AC
121-135: SW1500
140-144: S-2
200-250: GP40-2
400-425: GP50
1000-1089, 1100: AC44CH
1090-1099: ET44AH
1300-1349: ES44AH
1350-1399: ES50AH
1400-1403: C642AC
1410-1450: CW44-9
1675-1677: SD45
1700-1720: SD45RM (Chopped nose SD45, ex Southern and N&W)
1817: SD40
2840-2845: GP38-2AC
3000-3200: SD40-2
3880-3890: SD38-3M (SD50 with GP38 internals)
4000-4050: C40-8
4604X: AC44CB
6000-6009: AC60CH
6200-6208: E8A
9010: SD40-2
MW1-MW9: MF40-2R (ex-Amtrak F40PH rebuilt as hood units)
DB001-DB014: Dynamic Braking units. (DB1 ex-ATSF SD45-2, DB2 ex-SP SD45T-2_

Special interest:
11: World's only operating Trainmaster
51, 51x, 52: Oldest operating E-units. EA
201: Last unit in as-delivered Yellow/Black scheme (original 1964 paint)
1000: B&O heritage
1111: Honoring Veteran's unit
6200-6208: Painted in airline liveries. Operates on new BWI airport extension.
Baltimore Terminal Railway (MNBT or BTRY):
10000-10008: AB7 (Boxcab locomotives rebuilt from ex-WM, B&O, and ATSF F7B)
Frederick Railway (MNFR or FRWY):
EMD Model 40: 01
GE 44Ton: 02
Maryland East Coast (MNME or MDEC):
GP38-2M: 5020, 5024, 5040, 5051, 5059. (ex-NS. Rebuilt with chop nose and removed dynamics. 5020 PRR heritage, 5040 Eastern Shore heritage)
GP40: 196-199
GP40X: 700-705
Air Maryland (MNAM):
001-011: Beech 200 "Super King Air"
020: Douglas DC-3
707: Boeing 707-320C
737-740: Boeing 737-300 (ex-Southwest Airlines, still in SWA livery. 737 repainted in Air MD livery)
AT: Beech 100 King Air (Flight training aircraft, upgraded with Beech 200 avionics)
GT: Beech 100 King Air (Non-airworthy, ground training aircraft)
900: Dassault Falcon 50 (VIP Executive)

MNAM special liveries:
009: Baltimore Ravens
010: Baltimore Orioles
011: MD flag Livery (similar to Southwest's Maryland One)
738: Southwest "Desert Gold" Livery