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A listing of Twitter and other social media accounts used by railfans to post OS (On Sheet) reports and other information of interest to railfans.

List the railroads and geographic areas that you cover. Add yours to expand the network, especially useful when you travel to new territories.

Twitter Accounts

Twitter Handle Name/Pseudonym Home Location Areas Covered, Remarks
boterail Bote Man Fort Lauderdale, FL F.E.C., CSX A-line and GS&F on road trips
RailfanDanny Danny Harmon Tampa, FL CSX Vitis, Yeoman, Wildwood subs; A-line in Folkston, GA
emdrun8 Tommy Arthur Norfolk, VA CSX Portsmouth sub, NS Norfolk district

Instagram Accounts

Instagram Handle Name/Pseudonym Home Location Areas Covered, Remarks
railohio Shaun Sager Toledo, OH NS Water Level Route, CSX Garrett/Willard Subs, CSX Toledo & Toledo Branch Subs, and more

YouTube Channels

Channel Name Areas Covered Notes
BNSF9373 Twin Cities of Minnesota and Steele, ND once or twice a year