Kendallville Terminal Railway

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  • The Kendallville Terminal Railroad is a Class III shortline, owned by Pioneer Railcorp Lines, that operates 1.1 miles of former GR&I trackage in the city of Kendallville, Indiana.
  • The railroad began operations in 1996 and interchanges with NS in Kendallville.

Kendallville Terminal Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Kraft Foods Kendallville Marshmallow and Caramel Factory Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars Main Customer.
Salt Transload Kendallville Water Softening Salt Covered Hoppers Transload takes place south of West Rush Street.

Kendallville Terminal Locomotives

Number Model Built History Notes
PREX 16 SW8 1952 Ex-LUN 16. Secondary power, has air issues. Still in Ludington Northern paint.
PREX 907 GP9 1959 Ex-MCTA 907/MCTA 291/MNVA 291/MILW 291. "New" power. Still lettered for MSO.

Kendallville Terminal Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
ALAB 500002 Caboose 1970 Ex-NS 500002/SOU X452. Used as the KTR office. Missing trucks.

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