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Vermilion Valley Railroad History

The Vermilion Valley Railroad operates and maintains approximately 6 miles of track between Danville, Illinois and Olin, Indiana. The primary interchange point to the nationwide rail network is with CSX Transportation at Danville, Illinois. VVRR provides service to locations that accommodate large-scale logistics projects involving rail-truck transloading of dimensional loads and other products. In addition, VVRR operates a full-service locomotive shop, which performs heavy maintenance on locomotives used by Indiana Boxcar Corporation railroads, as well as third parties that lease locomotives for service elsewhere. Service is flexible, and significant acreage is available along the tracks for development.

The railroad interchanges with CSX and Union Pacific in Danville, Illinois.

Vermilion Valley Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
IBCX 1726 GP9 1957 Ex-TSRR 1726/BN 1726/NP 288.
IBCX 4029 GP9RM 1955 Ex-CN 4029/CN 2005.
IBCX 4210 F9A 1956 Ex-LTV 4210/EMCO 4210/EMCO 100.
CKIN 6321 SD40-2 1970 Ex-CSX 8321/SBD 1245/LN 1245.
IBCX 8310 GP10 1957 Ex-PAL 8310/ICG 8013/IC 9303.

Vermilion Valley Railroad Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
P&E/IBCX 21499 Caboose 19?? Ex-??. Used in regular service.
IBCX 991258 Crane 19?? Ex-??.

Vermilion Valley Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
VVRR Transload Olin, IN Transload Facility Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
BioAlternative Olin, IN BioDiesel Manufacturer Tank Cars Inactive.
Windmill Staging Yard & Transload Danville, IL Windmill Unloading & Transload Facility Flatcars

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