Ohio River Scenic Railway

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Ohio River Scenic Railway Overview

The Ohio River Scenic Railway operates scenic trains rides over the Hoosier Southern Railroad in Southern Indiana.

During the 2020 season, trains departing from Tell City will travel approximately 11 miles round trip for a 1 hour 45 minute trip to Troy and back. Negotiations are underway to allow trains to depart from a location in or near Evanston on the last Saturday and Sunday of each month. Trains departing from Evanston will travel approximately 22 miles round trip for a 2 hour 45 minute trip to Lincoln City and back.

Ohio River Scenic Railway Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
HOS 467 GP7 1952 Ex-HOS 467/CNW 4164/CRIP 4510/CRIP 1287.
BUGX 1752 FP9A 1955 Ex-PREX 1752/PWRY 1752/AC 1752/VIA 6511/CN 6511. Purchased from PREX in 2021.
BUGX 7082 GP9RM 1959 Ex-CN 7082/CN 4276. Out of service.

Ohio River Scenic Railway Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
HOS 100 Caboose 1969 Ex-NW 518552. Occasionally used on the ORSR.
MRLX 1203 Baggage Car 1953 Ex-AMTK 1203/AMTK 1041/ATSF 3525. Open-Air Car.
MRLX 1857 Baggage Car 1953 Ex-AMTK 1857/AMTK 1209/AMTK 1028/ATSF 3511. Generator Car.
MRLX 2507 Passenger Car 1950 Ex-AMTK 2507/UP 2893/UP 2621/UP 1428. Lounge Car.
ITMZ 3078 Passenger Car 1937 Ex-ITM 3078/ATSF 3078.
MRLX 8553 Diner 1948 Ex-AMTK 8553/AMTK 8516/AMTK 8331/PC 4552/NYC 452. Dining Car.
MRLX 800748 Passenger Car 1950 Ex-AMTK 4010/AMTK 4411/SP 2378/SP "Golden Sand". Premium Coach Car.
MRLX 800880 Passenger Car 1960 Ex-AMTK 4618/AMTK 4554/UP 5489. Premium Coach Car.

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