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  • Active Customers Only (Shipping within the last 2 years)

Michigan Line

  • Runs from Porter, Indiana to Dearborn, Michigan.
  • All customers west of Kalamazoo are handled by train B05 out of Burns Harbor, Indiana.



City/Town Customer Company Description Served by Train Type of Railcar Notes
Buchanan Co-Alliance Liquid Fertilizer B05 Tank Cars
Niles Treadstone Recycled Rubber Mulch B05 Woodchip Hoppers/Gondolas
Niles Amtrak MOW Equipment B05 Ballast Hoppers/Other
Decatur Cargill Grain Elevator B05 Covered Hoppers
Lawton Welch Foods Sparkling Juice Products B05 Tank Cars
Augusta Knappen Milling Flour & Wheat Mill B57 Covered Hoppers
Battle Creek ReConserve Food Byproduct Recycler B57 Covered Hoppers
Battle Creek WestRock Paper Mill B57 Tank Cars
Battle Creek Post Foods Breakfast Cereals B57 Covered Hoppers Served jointly with CN.
Battle Creek Kellogg's Breakfast Cereals B57 Covered Hoppers Served jointly with CN.
Battle Creek ADM Sweetener Terminal Food Sweetener Transload B57 Tank Cars Located in Hinman Yard.
Albion Andersons Ethanol Ethanol Plant B22 Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
Albion Continental Carbonic Products Dry Ice Manufacturer B22 Tank Cars
Albion Georgia-Pacific Corrugated Containers B22 Boxcars
Albion American Colloid Green Sand Molding Materials B22 Covered Hoppers
Albion Knauf Insulation Fiberglass Insulation B22 Covered Hoppers
Jackson Certain Teed Building Materials B16 Covered Hoppers
Jackson OmniSource Scrapyard B16 Gondolas
Jackson Dawn Food Products Bakery Products & Ingredients B16 Covered Hoppers
Jackson Gerdau Steel Manufacturing B16 Gondolas/Covered Hoppers/Steel Coil Cars/Flatcars Melting & Casting Operations idled in 2020.
Jackson General Materials Lumber Yard B16 Centerbeam Flatcars Inactive?
Jackson Worthington Specialty Processing Steel Processing B16 Steel Coil Cars
Jackson Aunt Millie's Bakery Plant B16 Covered Hoppers
Chelsea Chelsea Milling Company Baking Mix Manufacturer B22/B44 Covered Hoppers
Van Buren Twp. Contractors Steel Steel Distributor B17/B18 Gondolas/Steel Coil Cars
Canton Worthington Specialty Processing Processed Steel B17/B18 Steel Coil Cars
Wayne Ford Michigan Assembly Plant Vehicle Ramps B17/B18 Autoracks Jointly served with CSX
Wayne Wayne Industries Processed Steel B17/B18 Steel Coil Cars/Boxcars
Wayne Boise Building Materials Lumber B17/B18 Centerbeam Flatcars/Boxcars
Wayne Cul-Mac Industries Chemical Company B17/B18 Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars

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