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Madison Railroad Overview

The Madison Railroad, a division of the City of Madison Port Authority, is a 26-mile short-line railroad in southeastern Indiana. The Madison Railroad begins along the Ohio River in the western part of the city of Madison and from there runs generally northwest through Jefferson County, then crosses into Jennings County and terminates near its intersection with the CSX line in North Vernon.

The portion of track between North Vernon and Madison was not included in the 1975 Final System Plan for Conrail, which was to take over the PC and several other bankrupt railways in 1976. Facing the complete loss of rail access to Madison, that city's port authority stepped in and eventually purchased that section of the line. They now continue to operate on it as the Madison Railroad.

Most of the railroad's revenue comes from storing cars on the 14 miles of track within the former Jefferson Proving Grounds.

Madison Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Hilex Poly North Vernon Plastic Products Covered Hoppers
Exegistics North Vernon Warehouse Boxcars Active shipper?
SET Enterprises North Vernon Metal Processor Steel Coil Cars/Flatcars Active shipper?
Meese Madison Plastic Products Covered Hoppers

Madison Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
CMPA 3 SW1500 1970 Ex-NLAX 3/TPW 306. Operational.
CMPA 4 VO-1000M 1943 Ex-USNSCL 104/ACL 104/ACL 15. Operational.
CMPA 5 VO-1000M 1943 Ex-USN 65-00610/LN 215/NC&StL 50/NC&StL 30. Operational.
CMPA 2013 SW8 1951 Ex-USAX 2013. Operational.
CMPA 3634 GP10 1957 Ex-PNCX 3634/SP 5793. Operational.

Madison Railroad Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
CMPA 1978 Business Car 1912 Ex-SP 133 "Guadalupe"/TNO. Named "Legacy."
RPCX 2359 Passenger Car 1954 Ex-AMTK 4845/SP 2359.
RPCX 6750 Baggage Car 1962 Ex-SP 6750. Named "Pioneer Trail."
CMPA 79718 Caboose 1976 Ex-CN 79718.

Inactive Madison Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
CMPA 1056 8-Tonner 19?? Ex-USAX 1056. Stored.
CMPA 1059 8-Tonner 19?? Ex-USAX 1059. Stored.
CMPA 1229 44 Tonner 1953 Ex-USAX 1229. Stored derelict.

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