MQT Z151

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  • The train is based in Sparta, Michigan
  • It is the main "road freight" to Grand Rapids, handling all interchange traffic
  • The train switches all customers between Sparta and Grand Rapids


1900 ET Call to Sparta, or if it has run late, wherever the Turn Job crew made it to. Train runs south to Grand Rapids, turning at CSX's Wyoming Yard. Switches all customers as needed between Sparta and GR, generally southbound only

Frequency: Sunday-Thursday, 1900 ET Call (with some Friday calls as needed)


Generally, the train uses the same power as the Turn Job. The consist typically includes two to four of Marquette's units, and can be any mix of SD40-2s and GP38-2s, however the typical arrangement is for two SD40-2s and one or two GP38-2s. Power tends to vary based on projected tonnage, and the shop schedule in Manistee. If power is changed, it is usually done by the complement to Z151, the Turn Job when they visit Baldwin and the Blazer.


Old BAL-GRR-BAL Turn schedule ended November 2013. Back to nocturnal schedule March 2014

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