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MG Rail History

MG Rail (Merchant's Grain Rail) is owned and operated by Consolidated Grain and Barge (CG&B). It operates within the Clark Maritime Center, near Jeffersonville, Indiana. The railroad switches out several industries within the center and stages them at connections to CSX and Louisville & Indiana.

MG Rail Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
MGRI 700 GP20 19?? Ex-?? Remote control.
MGRI 1847 GP16 1950 Ex-CSX 1847/SBD 4801/ACL 120.
MGRI 2001 GP20M 19?? Ex-??
MGRI 2002 GP20E 1962 Ex-WSOR 2002/WSOR 4118/SP 4118/SP 7224.
MGRI 3833 GP7u 1952 Ex-NREX 3833/BNSF 3833/ATSF 1323/ATSF 2752.
MGRI 3951 Yard Slug 1954 Ex-NREX 3951/BNSF 3951/ATSF 102/UP 255.
MGRI 3963 Yard Slug 1950 Ex-NREX 3963/BNSF 3963/ATSF 2650.

MG Rail Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Mytex Polymers Jeffersonville Plastic Products Covered Hoppers
Mill Steel Jeffersonville Steel Supplier Steel Coil Cars
Idemitsu Lubricants Jeffersonville Lubricant Manufacturer Tank Cars
OmniSource Jeffersonville Metal Recycling Gondolas
Steel Dynamics Jeffersonville Steel Finishing Facility Steel Coil Cars
Voss Clark Jeffersonville Steel Processor Steel Coil Cars/Tank Cars
Delaco Kasle Processing Jeffersonville Steel and Aluminum Processor Steel Coil Cars
Consolidated Grain and Barge Jeffersonville Grain Elevator and Barge Terminal Hoppers/Covered Hoppers
Tanco Clark Maritime Jeffersonville Liquid Storage and Terminal Tank Cars
Watco Terminal Jeffersonville Barge Terminal Steel Coil Cars
Kinder Morgan Terminals Jeffersonville Liquid Storage and Terminal Tank Cars Active shipper?
Cronimet Corporation Jeffersonville Scrapyard Gondolas
Metals USA Jeffersonville Metal Distributor and Processor Steel Coil Cars
Eagle Steel Products Jeffersonville Steel Fabricator Steel Coil Cars

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