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Lucas Oil Rail Line Overview

Lucas Oil Rail Line is a short line railway that operates in Harrison County, Indiana between Corydon Junction and Corydon, a distance of 7.7 miles. The line was acquired in 2006 from Louisville, New Albany and Corydon Railroad by Lucas Oil Products.

LORL interchanges with NS at Corydon Junction.

Lucas Oil Rail Line Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
LORL 86 S4M 1956 Ex-LNAL 86/GTW 1002/GTW 8199. Main locomotive.
GMTX 503 SW900 1959 Ex-Smurfit-Stone 4/CRIP 911. Main locomotive.
LNAC 1951 45 Tonner 1951 Ex-LNAC 1. Stored in the enginehouse.

Lucas Oil Rail Line Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Lucas Oil Products Corydon Automotive Oil Products Tank Cars Main Customer.
Daramic Corydon Battery Separator Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Nachurs Alpine Solutions Corydon Liquids Chemical Manufacturer Tank Cars

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