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Indiana Southern Railroad Overview

The Indiana Southern Railroad is a short line or Class III railroad operating in the United States state of Indiana. It began operations in 1992 as a RailTex property, and was acquired by RailAmerica in 2000. RailAmerica was itself acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in December 2012.

Indiana Southern Railroad operates 186 miles of track from Indianapolis to Evansville. From Mars Hill (a neighborhood on the southwest side of Indianapolis) southwest through Martinsville and Spencer to Bee Hunter in Greene County, the ISRR runs on tracks that once made up the majority of the former Indianapolis & Vincennes Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad. State Route 67 parallels the ISRR along much of this section. From Bee Hunter to Elnora the ISRR has trackage rights over the Indiana Rail Road. ISRR tracks resume from Elnora through Washington in Daviess County, Petersburg in Pike County, Oakland City in Gibson County, Elberfeld in Warrick County and Daylight in Vanderburgh County before terminating in Evansville along the former New York Central's Evansville & Indianapolis Branch.

The railroad's traffic comes mainly from coal and grain products, including corn and soybeans. The ISRR hauled around 70,000 carloads in 2008.

Indiana Southern Railroad Interchanges

  • CSX in Indianapolis and Evansville.
  • Indiana Rail Road in Switz City and Beehunter.
  • Norfolk Southern in Oakland City.

Indiana Southern Railroad Locomotive Roster

Number Model Built History Notes
ISRR 3051 GP40-3 1971 Ex-ISRR 4051/ISRR 6599/AEE 1/BO 4024. Only remaining original ISRR unit.
ISRR 3052 GP40-3 1971 Ex-??
ISRR 3370 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7242/BNSF 7242/BN 7242.
ISRR 3371 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7282/BNSF 7282/BN 7282.
ISRR 3372 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 8098/BNSF 8098/BN 8098.
ISRR 3382 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7244/BNSF 7244/BN 7244.
ISRR 3383 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7259/BNSF 7259/BN 7259.
ISRR 3384 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7261/BNSF 7261/BN 7261.
ISRR 3385 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 8126/BNSF 8126/BN 8126.
ISRR 3386 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7932/BNSF 7932/BN 7932/CS 7932.
ISRR 3387 SD40-2 1980 Ex-NREX 8099/FURX 8099/BNSF 8099/BN 8099/CS 8099.
ISRR 3388 SD40-2 1980 Ex-FURX 7926/BNSF 7926/BN 7926/CS 7926.
ISRR 4020 GP40 1971 Ex-TPW 4020/CSX 6839/CO 4084. Still in RailAmerica colors.

Indiana Southern Railroad Customers

City/Town Customer Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Indianapolis Kid Glove Services Transload Warehouse Boxcars
Mooresville PacMoore Process Technologies Food Manufacturing Services Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Mooresville General Shale Brick Manufacturer Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Mooresville Harris Rebar Steel Distributor Steel Coil Cars Active shipper?
Mooresville Sun Polymers Polymer Supplier Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars Active shipper?
Martinsville Salt Transload Salt Distributor Covered Hoppers
Worthington White River Co-op Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers Active shipper?
Edwardsport Edwardsport Power Station Coal Power Plant Coal Hoppers
Plainville Grain Processing Co. Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Washington Perdue Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Washington Grain Processing Co. Grain and Corn Products Manufacturer Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
Petersburg Petersburg Generating Station Coal Power Plant Coal Hoppers
Somerville Peabody Somerville Mine Coal Mine Coal Hoppers Shuttered in Fall 2019.
Mackey Superior Ag Resources Fertilizer Supplier Tank Cars
Lynnville Peabody Wild Boar Mine Coal Mine Coal Hoppers
Evansville Graham Packaging Bottle Packaging Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Evansville PGP International Food Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Evansville Polyram Compounds Plastic Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Evansville Midwestern Pet Foods Pet Food Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Evansville Berry Global Plastic Packaging Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Evansville Ferro Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
Evansville Park 41 Logistics Logistics Company Boxcars/Centerbeam Flatcars
Evansville Sugar Steel Steel Distributor Flatcars Active shipper?

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