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Indiana Northeastern History

  • The Indiana Northeastern Railroad began Operations in 1992, taking over from Hillsdale County Railroad. The mainline runs from Coldwater, MI through Hillsdale, MI to Montpelier, OH.
  • The railroad operates about 105 miles of track. System Map.
  • The railroad has branches to South Milford, IN and Litchfield, MI. (The Litchfield Branch is mainly used for car storage).
  • The IN interchanges with NS in Montpelier, Ohio.
  • In 2004, IN purchased a 19 mile segment of track from RUA from Coldwater west to Sturgis where it would maintain an interchange with the Michigan Southern Railroad. Due to a lack of traffic IN applied to abandon this line in 2012.


Frequency AAR Channel Notes
161.100 66 Road & Yard
161.400 86 Dispatcher

Indiana Northeastern Locomotive Roster

Number Model Built History Notes
IN 1073 GP10 1956 Ex-MSRC 1073/GWRX 1073/GMSR 8167/IC 8167/IC 9167. In active service.
IN 1601 GP7 1952 Ex-HCRC 1601/SJL 2614/RDG 614. In active service.
IN 1602 GP9 1957 Ex-HCRC 1766/BN 1766/GN 693. In active service.
IN 1770 GP9 1957 Ex-HCRC 1770/BN 1770/GN 697. Stored unserviceable in Hudson. Parts source.
DOTX 2000 GP40-3 1966 Ex-ELOX 2000/DRGW 3055. In active service. Owned by US Department of Transportation and leased to INER.
IN 2185 GP30 1962 Ex-LTEX 2185/CR 2185/RDG 3617/RDG 5517. In active service.
IN 2216 GP7u 1952 Ex-IN 1500/IBCX 1500/ATSF 2216/ATSF 2746. In active service.
IN 2230 GP30 1963 Ex-LTEX 2230/CR 2230/PC 2230/PRR 2230. In active service.
IN 3084 SD40-2 1966 Ex-CITX 3084/GCFX 3084/CP 5527. In active service. First six axle purchased by the INER.
IN 3125 SD40-2 1966 Ex-MVPX 3125/CEFX 3125/SP 7409/SP 8831. In active service. Second six axle purchased by INER.
IN 5903 GP9H 1954 Ex-IN 1603/HCRC 1603/CR 7303/CUT 5903. In active service. Rebuilt by INER shops in 2017, after being stored for many years.
IBCX 4216 GP30M 1963 Ex-IBCX 4216/CSX 4216/C&O 3021. OOS and stored in Hudson. Parts source for 2185 and 2230.

Indiana Northeastern Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Edon Farmers Co-Op Fertilizer Edon, OH Fertilizer Plant Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Edon Farmers Co-Op Elevator Edon, OH Co-Op Elevator Covered Hoppers
Klink Trucking & Transload Ashley, IN Construction & Road Materials Hoppers/Tank Cars
Carper Farm Supplies Ashley, IN Feed Mill Covered Hoppers
Ashley Septic Ashley, IN Septic Services Tank Cars
Strategic Materials Ashley, IN Glass & Plastic Recycling Covered Hoppers
Stoy Farms Ashley, IN Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
K-Tech Specialty Coatings Ashley, IN Specialty Coatings Tank Cars
Omya Ashley, IN Industrial Minerals Covered Hoppers
South Milford Grain South Milford, IN Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Edd's Supply South Milford, IN Fertilizer Plant Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
New Horizons Bakery Transload Fremont, IN Baking Company Covered Hoppers
Letica Plastics Corporation Fremont, IN Plastics Producer Covered Hoppers
The Andersons Reading, MI Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
OmniSource Jonesville, MI Scrapyard Gondolas
Beck Rd. Transload Jonesville, MI Transload Facility Covered Hoppers?
Sun Gro Horticulture Quincy, MI Horticultural Company Covered Hoppers
Star of the West Milling Quincy, MI Flour Mill Covered Hoppers
Union Pallet & Container Coldwater, MI Pallet Supplier Centerbeam Flatcars Infrequent shipper. Cars are loaded on the Jay St. spur.
Sekisui Voltek Coldwater, MI Plastics Producer Covered Hoppers
DAR PRO Solutions Coldwater, MI Rendering Plant Tank Cars
Panel Processing Coldwater, MI Flat Panel Fabricator Boxcars/Covered Hoppers
Ceres Solutions Coldwater, MI Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers

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