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Mid Michigan GP9 #24 at Sranac, MI, rebuilt by BN with a chopped nose

The Electromotive Division GP9 is a 4 axle, 1,750 HP diesel electric locomotive built by EMD of Lagrange, Illinois from 1954 to 1963. Building upon the already successful GP7, EMD offered the GP9 as a go anywhere, do anything locomotive. The locomotive's 567C engine produced 1,750 HP, 250 more than that of a GP7.

Roughly 4,000 GP9's were built by EMD and it's Canadian subsidiary GMD, making it one of the most numerous and successful locomotives of all time. It was the definitive road switcher of the 1950's and 60's, with many surviving into the 80's and 90's on Class 1's. Railroader's loved their smooth ride, ability to pull anything the railroad put behind them, and their reliability. 165 cabless GP9B's were also built for the Union Pacific and Pennsylvania railroads.

As more and more higher horsepower 4 axle locomotives were produced, the GP9 began to fall out of favor. Though not as common as they once were, thousands of GP9's are employed by short lines, regional and even a few Class 1's all over North America in various rebuilt forms, with many having had their high short hoods chopped.

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