Connersville & New Castle Railroad

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  • ARR Reporting Marks - CNUR.

C&NC Railroad Overview

The C&NC Railroad, also known as the Connersville and New Castle Railroad, is a Class III short-line railroad that connects the towns of Connersville (Beesons) and New Castle in eastern Indiana. The total length of the line is 27.62 miles.

The line is mainly used for car storage and has few customers.

CNUR interchanges with NS in New Castle and CSX in Connersville.

C&NC Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
MAW 4 GP7u 1952 Ex-WAER 345/ATSF 2759. Active. Used to switch Connersville.
CNUR 5 GP7u 1954 Ex-JTPX 1351/ATSF 2193/ATSF 2670. Active. Used to switch Neal Scrap Metal.
WBCR 6 GP10 1955 Ex-IC 8365/IC 9129. Active. Used to switch Neal Scrap Metal.
MAW 16 GP10 1954 Ex-CC 8055/IC 8055/IC 9055. Stored dead.
CNUR 20 GP38 1954 Ex-NDM 9400. Active. Used to switch Connersville.

C&NC Railroad Customers

C&NC Railroad Map

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
GATX Contract Repair Beesons Locomotive Repair Locomotives
Neal Scrap Metals & Transload New Castle Scrapyard & Transload Gondolas/Covered Hoppers

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