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Chesapeake & Indiana Overview

The Chesapeake and Indiana Railroad is a Class III short-line railroad operating 33 miles of rail line in northwestern Indiana. From the town of La Crosse, lines run northwest to Malden, southeast to English Lake and North Judson, and northeast past Thomaston and Hanna to Wellsboro. The railroad is owned by the Town of North Judson and operated under lease by the Indiana Boxcar Corporation.

The Chesapeake and Indiana is mostly used for transporting grain from rural elevators to the mainline railroad systems. The railroad moved only 700 cars on startup in 2004, having increased that to 3,000 cars by 2011, with growth expected in the coming years.


CKIN interchanges with:

  • CSX in Wellsboro.
  • Norfolk Southern in Thomaston.
  • Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in English Lake.

Chesapeake & Indiana Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Co-Alliance Union Mills Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
La Crosse Transfer Station La Crosse Gypsum Transload/Transload Facility Hoppers
Co-Alliance Malden Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers

Chesapeake & Indiana Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
IBCX 804 SDM 1959 Ex-EJE 804/DMIR 304/DMIR 169.
IBCX 811 SDM 1960 Ex-EJE 811/DMIR 180.
IBCX 813 SDM 1960 Ex-EJE 813/DMIR 179.
IBCX 814 SDM 1960 Ex-EJE 814/DMIR 162.
IBCX 815 SDM 1959 Ex-CLNA 815/EJE 815/DMIR 315/DMIR 163.
IBCX 818 SDM 1959 Ex-EJE 818/DMIR 318/DMIR 172.
IBCX 5093 GP38-2 1973 Ex-NS 5093/SOU 5093.
IBCX 5115 GP38-2 1974 Ex-NS 5115/SOU 5115.
IBCX 5152 GP38-2 1974 Ex-NS 5152/SOU 5152.

Former Chesapeake & Indiana Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
IBCX 88 SW7 1950 Ex-CEIW 88/CR 8853/NYC 8853. Now at Co-Alliance Elevator in Scircleville, IN.
CKIN 1706 GP16 1951 Ex-SWP 1706/CSX 1706/CRR 4606/ACL 236. Now on the Y&S.
IBCX 2003 GP20 1962 Ex-CKIN 2003/WSOR 2003/SP 4060/SP 7210. Now in Sweetwater, TX.
IBCX 6009 SD40-2R 1969 Ex-IC 6009/ICG 6009. Now in Sweetwater, TX.
VLIX 7311 SD18 1963 Ex-CO 7311/CO 1811. Now in South Haven, KS.
IBCX 8314 GP10 1952 Ex-PAL 8314/CO 5814. Stored. Sent back to VVRR?

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