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Central Railroad of Indianapolis Overview

Central Railroad of Indianapolis is a Class III short-line railroad that operates approximately 45 miles of rail line in north central Indiana.

Central Railroad of Indianapolis is a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming. G&W had purchased the RailAmerica empire in 2012. RailAmerica had itself bought CERA and then parent Railtex in 2000. CERA was formed in 1989 when Norfolk Southern leased several lines, including the now mostly-abandoned Tipton-Peru line and the Marion to Frankfort former "Cloverleaf" line to the then-new company through NS's "Thoroughbred Shortline program. For a time, Norfolk Southern interchanged with CERA via its Frankfort to Kokomo line. The latter route was embargoed after the Norfolk Southern Conrail merger allowed Norfolk Southern to move CERA interchange to Marion.

The railroad's main traffic comes from grain and metal products. The CERA hauled around 8,000 carloads in 2008.

In 2019, Genesee & Wyoming took over the operations of the Winamac Southern Railway (via lease). Thus, gaining several customers between Marion and Amboy.

Central Railroad of Indianapolis Locomotive Roster

  • Locomotives are often shared between TPW, TZPR, and IMRR.
Number Model Built History Notes
GMTX 409 GP15-1 1979 Ex-NS 1436/CR 1670.
GMTX 412 GP15-1 1979 Ex-NS 1445/CR 1684.
TPW 2056 GP38 1966 Ex-CORP 3815/MEC 256.
TPW 2070 GP38-3 1969 Ex-TPW 3821/CC 2009/CMNW 2047/PC 7823.
TPW 2105 GP38-2 1972 Ex-NS 5050/SOU 5050.
TPW 2107 GP38-2 1972 Ex-NS 5029/SOU 5029.
TPW 3046 GP40 1968 Ex-IORY 4011/UP 515/MKT 209.
MQT 3407 SD40-2 1966 Ex-MQT 3407/FURX 3024/CR 6299/PC 6046/PRR 6046.
TPW 3440 SD40-2 1979 Ex-RCPE 6403/ICE 6403/UP 3630.
TPW 3441 SD40-2 1974 Ex-RCPE 6415/ICE 6415/UP 3048/CNW 6884.
TPW 3442 SD40-2 1980 Ex-RCPE 6453/ICE 6453/BCOL 757.
TPW 3443 SD40-2 1978 Ex-RCPE 6456/ICE 6456/UP 3412.
HESR 3485 SD40M-2 1966 Ex-HESR 2668/UP 2668/ACL 1025.
TPW 5008 GP50 1980 Ex-CIND 5008/CBNS 5008/IORY 3108/BN 3108.
TPW 5009 GP50 1980 Ex-CIND 5009/CBNS 5009/IORY 3109/BN 3109.
TPW 5010 GP50 1980 Ex-CIND 5000/CBNS 5000/IORY 3100/BN 3100/SLSF 3100.
TPW 5015 GP50 1980 Ex-IORY 5015/IORY 5005/IORY 3105/BN 3105.

Central Railroad of Indianapolis Customers

City/Town Customer Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Vermont Vermont Feed & Grain Feed & Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Sims Ceres Midland Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Herbst Co-Alliance Fertilizer Supplier Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars
Marion Double H Plastics Plastic Manufacturer Covered Hoppers Served by NS only?
Marion Agricor Corn Milling Covered Hoppers Served by NS only?
Amboy Kokomo Grain Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers
Gas City Packaging Corporation of America Packaging Company Boxcars
Hartford City Shalee Oils Oil Recycling Tank Cars
Hartford City Petoskey Plastics Plastic Manufacturer Covered Hoppers

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