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Central Railroad of Indiana Overview

Central Railroad Company of Indiana is a Class III short-line railroad that operates 96 miles of track in Southeastern Indiana and Southwestern Ohio.

Beginning in Shelby County, Indiana, the line runs generally southeast from Shelbyville through the towns of Prescott, Waldron and Saint Paul, then the Decatur County towns of Adams, Greensburg and New Point. At this point a short stretch of the line passes east through the extreme southwestern corner of Franklin County, then heads southeast through the Ripley County communities of Batesville, Morris, Spades and Sunman, and the Dearborn County towns of Weisburg, Kennedy, Guilford and Greendale.

The line runs adjacent to CSX Transportation's former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Cincinnati to St. Louis main line from CIND MP 2.5 (Storrs) to MP 17.7 (Valley Jct.).

The trackage had been a part of the CCC&St.L (Big Four Railroad), part of what was the New York Central Railroad, later Penn Central Corporation and most recently Conrail.

Central Railroad of Indiana is a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming. G&W bought RailAmerica in 2012, which acquired CIND in 2000.

The majority of the railroad's traffic comes from grain, chemical products, steel, and completed automobiles. The CIND hauled around 8,500 carloads in 2008.

Central Railroad of Indiana Interchanges

  • CSX (Cincinnati, Ohio and North Bend, Ohio).
  • Indiana & Ohio Railway (Cincinnati, Ohio).
  • Norfolk Southern (Cincinnati, Ohio).

Central Railroad of Indiana Customers

City/Town Customer Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Greensburg, IN Honda Manufacturing of Indiana Automobile Manufacturer Autoracks Main customer.
Greensburg, IN Greensburg Soy Processors Elevator and Feed Mill Tank Cars/Covered Hoppers
Greensburg, IN Lowe's Pellets & Grain Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers Active shipper?
Sunman, IN Scrap Transload Scrapyard Gondolas/Open Hoppers
Greendale, IN Anchor Glass Container Glass Container Manufacturer Covered Hoppers
North Bend, OH Consolidated Grain and Barge Shipping Terminal Covered Hoppers
Addyston, OH Ineos Abs Plastics Manufacturer Covered Hoppers/Tank Cars

Central Railroad of Indiana Locomotives

  • CIND & IORY share locomotives.
Number Model Built History Notes
CIND 2001 RP20BD 1956/2012 Ex-RPRX 1705/SLR 68/CV 4450/CV 1776/GTW 4450. Last Railpower Green Goat built.
CIND 2002 RP20BD 1954/2012 Ex-RSSX 414/IAIS 414/IC 8014/IC 9014.
IORY 2100 GP38-2 1979 Ex-CFE 3884/NREX 3884/CNW 4617.
IORY 2101 GP38-2 1979 Ex-CFE 3887/NREX 3887/CNW 4623.
IORY 2102 GP38-2 1979 Ex-CFE 3888/CNW 4624.
IORY 2103 GP38-2 1979 Ex-CFE 3889/CNW 4625.
IORY 2109 GP38-2 1972 Ex-NS 5055/SOU 5055.
IORY 2134 GP38-2 1972 Ex-NS 5058/SOU 5058.
IORY 3043 GP40-2 1969 Ex-IORY 4030/BN 3075/BO 3700.
IORY 3472 SD40-2 1978 Ex-OHCR 4028/OHCR 4223/UP 4223/MP 3223.
IORY 3488 SD40-2 1977 Ex-HLCX 7014/BNSF 7014/BN 7014.
IORY 3489 SD40-2 1978 Ex-HLCX 7843/BNSF 7843/BN 7843/CS 7843..
IORY 3491 SD40-2 1979 Ex-HLCX 7180/BN 7180.
IORY 3492 SD40-2 1978 Ex-HLCX 7842/BNSF 7842/BN 7842/CS 7842.
IORY 3493 SD40-2 1978 Ex-HLCX 7860/BNSF 7860/BN 7860/CS 7860.
IORY 3494 SD40-2 1973 Ex-HLCX 6227/QNSL 260.
IORY 4070 SD40T-2 1978 Ex-SP 8529.
IORY 4071 SD40T-2 1979 Ex-UP 8848/SP 8567.
IORY 4072 SD40T-2 1979 Ex-UP 8751/SP 8534.
IORY 4082 SD40-2 1974 Ex-CP 5820.
IORY 4083 SD40-2 1975 Ex-CP 5694
IORY 4084 SD40-2 1977 Ex-CP 5838.
IORY 4085 SD40-2 1977 Ex-CP 5837.
IORY 5007 GP50 1980 Ex-CBNS 5007/BN 3107.
IORY 5011 GP50 1980 Ex-IORY 5001/CBNS 5001/BN 3100/BN 3101.
IORY 5012 GP50 1980 Ex-CBNS 5002/BN 3102.
IORY 5013 GP50 1980 Ex-CIND 5003/IORY 5003/CBNS 5003/IORY 3103/BN 3103.
IORY 5014 GP50 1980 Ex-CBNS 5004/IORY 3104/BN 3104.
IORY 5016 SD50S 1982 Ex-UTAH 6063/NREX 6063/HI 6063.
IORY 5017 SD50S 1983 Ex-UTAH 6064/HI 6064.
IORY 9400 SD45T-2 1975 Ex-CEFX 9400/SP 9400/SSW 9400.
IORY 9500 SD45R 1966 Ex-CEFX 9500/SP 7400/SP 8809. Dead and probably not being fixed this time.
OHCR 4030 SD40-2 1979 Ex-OHCR 9934/UP 9934/UP 4270/MP 3270.

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