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Central Indiana & Western Railroad History

The Central Indiana and Western Railroad is a is a class III shortline railroad in southwestern Madison County Indiana. It branches off a CSX line near the city of Anderson and runs approximately seven miles west-southwest, terminating at Lapel, Indiana. The primary traffic is glass-making materials, cullet, and some grain traffic.

CEIW interchanges with CSX at Anderson, Indiana.

Central Indiana & Western Railroad Locomotives

Number Model Year(s) Built History Notes
CEIW 4295 GP7 1952 Ex-CNW 4295/CNW 1578.
CEIW 5232 GP38-2 1979 Ex-NS 5232/SOU 5232.
CEIW 8307 GP8 1951 Ex-PAL 8307/ICG 7735/SLSF 585.
CEIW ??? 45 Tonner? 19?? ???

Central Indiana & Western Railroad Rolling Stock

Number Type of Railcar Built History Notes
MRLX 1159 Baggage Car 1953 Ex-AMTK 1159/AMTK 1100/ATSF 3650. Stored in Lapel.
CEIW 75060 Caboose 197? Ex-GTW 75060. Stored, derelict and derailed, at the end of the line in Lapel.

Central Indiana & Western Railroad Customers

Customer Location Company Description Type of Railcar Notes
Brockway Glass Lapel Glass Manufacturer Covered Hoppers Main customer.
Farmers Grain Lapel Grain Elevator Covered Hoppers

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