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Z 194 91-12

*The first letter identifies the type of train:
A - short haul, intra-divsional manifest
B - loaded and empty unit potash
C - loaded and empty unit coal
E - expedited vehicle and priority manifest trains
F - foreign line detours and test schedules
G - unit grain
H - foreign crewed trains
K - intra-terminal transfers
L - locals
M - long haul, inter-divsional manifest
O - company service trains - office car specials and point-to-point work trains
P - passenger trains
Q - intermodal trains
R - road switchers
S - loaded and empty unit sulfur
U - other unit trains
W - work trains
X - customer one off extra trains
Y - yard jobs
Z - high priority intermodal

Train Number

Z 194 91-12

*The first 3 numbers are the train number. This designates origin, destination, and train priority.
001-099 - VIA passenger trains
100-199 - Intermodal trains
200-299 - Auto and expedited manifest trains
300-399 - long haul manifest trains
400-499 - short haul manifest trains, and OCS trains
500-599 - locals
600-699 - VIA passenger trains
700-799 - unit trains other than grain
800-899 - unit grain trains
900-999 - commuter trains in Montreal and Toronto and road swtichers on the fmr IC

Origin Code

Z 194 91-12

*The 4th number identifies the region where the train originated. This allows CN multiple uses of the same train number.
1 - Atlantic Region (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)
2 - St Lawrence Region (Quebec and Eastern Ontario)
3 - Great Lakes Region (Ontario)
4 - Prairie Region (Western-most Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan)
5 - Pacific Region (Alberta and British Columbia)
6 - GTW Region (all GTW lines east of Griffith IN)
7 - Gulf South Region (former IC lines souht of Centralia IL)
8 - WC Region (All former WC lines and the DWP)
9 - Gulf North Region (GTW lines west of Griffith, IC lines north of Centralia, and the former CCP)


Z 194 91-12

*The 5th number identifies the train section. The regular section of any train will have a 1 in this position. An advance

section will have a 0, and following sections will have 2, 3, etc.


Z 194 91-12

*The last two numbers of the train symbol denote the date the train originated at its terminal.


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