LONG CSX Trains In Plymouth!

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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LONG CSX Trains In Plymouth!

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I decided to make a run out to Plymouth today for a few hours, wasn't a bad idea in my opinion, I also happened to run into fellow RRFan member C&OGP75745 while down there, great meeting you!

I'll let the photos and videos do the talking from here, enjoy!

ImageAn imposter by David R. Collins, on Flickr

This ES44AH leading steel train B523 around the curve in Plymouth may look like a normal GEVO, but it sure didn'tsound like one, this unit sports a phenomenal sounding (for the fact it's on a GEVO) 1st gen K5H horn. Normally GEVO's are fitted with K5HL horns.

I also tried playing with vertical orientation, I think it came out alright, what do you guys think?

ImageHard workin' vet by David R. Collins, on Flickr

A venerable low number series YN2 AC44CW and two DC GEVO's are close to full throttle as they lead CSX local L302 through Plymouth.

ImageNothing beats a happy crew... by David R. Collins, on Flickr

...and this train had no exception, the crew knew one of the railfans that was among me and the other railfans that were at the spot, they gave us a shout on the radio and a horn salute.

Kudos to the sun and clouds too, with the sun breaking out as I was about to hit the shutter button.

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Re: LONG CSX Trains In Plymouth!

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Looks like a nice trip to Plymouth. Nice pictures too! My favorite shot is the Middle one looking east. I like photos that show other details, like the other track in the foreground, a long portion of the train is visible, signals barely visible in the distance and still a nice view of the lead locomotive. I also like shots that contain signals. Thanks for sharing.
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