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Lapeer Industrial Wiki

Unread post by AARR »

I think there may be a mistake in the Lapeer Industrial Wiki page but I would like to check with you guys first (in case I'm mistaken).

This is what is written:
Currently the railroad only serves Delta Faucet weekly. Original customers included Lapeer Grain, Illinois Tool Works, and Wilkenson Chemical.
According to my notes I show the following:
  • One of the original customers was Foam Seal. They were on the south side of the bridge. They had a spur with three tank car unloading spots. They closed just before the bridge was deemed unsafe.
  • Wilkenson is not an original customer. They started after the bridge was condemned and transloaded from a concrete platform north of Delta Faucet.
  • The old Lapeer Gran spur remains in place as does the track/spurs south of the bridge.
Comments/confirmation/corrections are appreciated.
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Re: Lapeer Industrial Wiki

Unread post by joeyuboats »

The old spur to Lapeer grain is in place,on the west side of the street only--- a recent road re- paving has cut the spur off ,and the grain facility is supposed to be torn down,and made into a weed dispensary.

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