Train engine versus Drone

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Train engine versus Drone

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Here’s an interesting video from a drone filming a Russian train engine getting attacked by Ukrainian kamikaze drones.

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Re: Train engine versus Drone

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The locomotive looks like a TEM18V built by the Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ) between 2011 and 2014. The TEM18V is a variant of the TEM18, which is a distant cousin to the ALCo RSD-1 based TEM2.
The TEM18V is a diesel-electric type with a power output of 1200hp. The prime mover is a Wärtsilä W6L20LA diesel engine, an inline six, four-stroke engine capable of producing just under 1500hp.
BMZ sounds like a major player in the Russian rail transport market. ... 9C18.D0.92 ... ding_Plant

Another interesting note, the drones seem to have a dead simple detonation system. I can see two pieces of wire looped around each other, but not touching. I presume once something hits those wires and shorts them, the explosives detonate.
Thanks for sharing the video GRHC.

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