Train drawings

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Train drawings

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My friend Autumn is probably one of the best artists I’ve ever come across in my life, and she recently asked if she could take some of my photos and make drawings out of them. Her first one was so good that I asked her if she could teach me (I suck at drawing), so this thread will sort of be where I post the drawings that either she and I make.

This first post was Autumn’s drawing of an AC44C6M that I caught leading down on the chicagoline. It’s not a special catch by any means, but I liked the photo so I gave it to her. Minus a hiccup on the right side of the plow, I think it came out great. I had to explain a lot of things (like what an M.U. cable is, the PTC antenna array, etc).

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Re: Train drawings

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She has a nice eye for details
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