NS 4001 and CP 7019 in one day - Detroit, Michigan

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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NS 4001 and CP 7019 in one day - Detroit, Michigan

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While I was driving down to a grad party downriver, I found myself in the Delray Junction area trying to find a gas station since gas tends to be cheaper down that way (the Costco line near my house was absurdly long), as I was on Fort Street, I passed under an NS train, NS 121. I saw the locomotives, and instantly delayed my journey downriver. NS 4001, one of the blue and silver "sonicbonnet" painted AC44C6M's was leading!

I pulled into Delray, where my friend Royal King Of The Rails was waiting. We did catch a few trains prior (coming soon), but 121 sat for awhile. It was only until E251 (the first train in the video) started passing that 121 got on the move. E251 had a former CitiRail ES44AC in tow, which was nice.

NS 4001 sports a really interesting but awesome sounding Hybrid Nathan K5LLA horn, which is tuned similar to an old cast P5 horn. For the horn geeks out there, the bell configuration is 1L, 1, 2, 3A, 4.

It was a short train, but I was having problems with my phone, so the train had to be filmed in short clips. Sorry to those who like full videos.

After the grad party, I ended back out at the tracks at Delray, those trains are coming in a later video. Then a railfan pulled up and told me CP 7019, one of CP's script lettered heritage units was sitting in Rougemere Yard right next to the road! Having not seen the 7019 before, I had to go see it. Thankfully, where it was parked, I was able to shoot it from a pull off on the side of the road next to Rougemere (the name of said road escapes me).

The 7019 had come up on M510 a few days prior, and was heading out later on the CPKC interchange alongside the CP GEVO that was with it.

The rest of the trains filmed are coming soon, but I felt like I had to get this out as soon as I could.

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Re: NS 4001 and CP 7019 in one day - Detroit, Michigan

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I personally don’t care much for the sonic bonnet design, but those CP heritage units are sharp. Either way, a good day. Great catches, David!

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