Grand Rapids Michigan Memorial Day Railfanning

Give us a run down of what you saw, post pictures if you'd like...any info is welcome.
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Grand Rapids Michigan Memorial Day Railfanning

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I spent a good majority of my day railfanning from Holland to Sparta.

I caught M326 right out of Waverly Yard. I really liked the shot and ended up catching them again in Grandville. I was surprised to turn around and see a medium clear signal at Grandville. Turned out L301 was on there way to Holland.

I did spend a bit of time at Wyoming Yard and got a nice shot of three trains side by side. I was originally going to chase L303 but I've gotten plenty footage of that train. I saw Marquette Rail in the yard and that was the chase I went for. I got footage of them in Sparta. Marequette Rail has been a rail line I've wanted to catch for years but never got a chance. Last week I did catch them but had no camera equipment.

You can find the video of the whole adventure here

I do apologize for the audio issues in the video. I attempted to get one of my scanners to feed into the camera. Although that worked it would clip out the train audio. I have since bought a mixer for my camera in hopes that keeps the audio going.

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Re: Grand Rapids Michigan Memorial Day Railfanning

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Nicely done! Always amusing when the local (L301) is substantially longer than the road train (M326).

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