Detroit Railroad questions

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Detroit Railroad questions

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I know Detroit's lines have changed a lot over the last 50-100 years, but some remnants are still in place that make me wonder where they went. I found one of these on a recent trip to Wayne State.

Just to the west of Rosa Parks Dr there are two mainlines running side by side crossing I-94 and Rosa Parks Dr. Just to the east of Rosa Parks Dr, crossing the w Edsel Ford Service Dr, there are 5 tracks in the roadway. They are from west to east 2 tracks a small gap, 2 more tracks, another small gap, then a single track, for 5 total. The property now appears to be DHT Transportions storage lot. It doesn't look like these tracks would have gone much further south, at least in somewhat recent times. What were these tracks and which mainline tracks are those I saw? Guess is one is CN, one is Conrail, but not sure.

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Re: Detroit Railroad questions

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Open map image in separate window to make it easier to read.

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Re: Detroit Railroad questions

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We’ve been here before! :D

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I should also add that there was a very wide bridge over I-94 that carried all those tracks from the mainline to the facility on the south side of the highway. It probably lasted until the early-mid 00’s, I remember it well. It had already been removed by the time the first Generation Google Streetview car cruised along the freeway in 2007. The abutments on the east side of Rosa Parks bridge over the freeway will live on as a built reminder until the freeway widening gets to that area.

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