"Classic" Ann Arbor 2008-2010

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"Classic" Ann Arbor 2008-2010

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OK, so not really classic in that sense. More like "pre-Watco." I think the Watco era in general has been good for Ann Arbor, but it was interesting before that, too. I lived in Ann Arbor from 2008 to early 2011 and made a point, when the stars aligned, to catch the Annie at work. Not the easiest thing to do since their regular run up to Michigan way typically nocturnal back then! This was the twilight of the orange era, when the elder GP38s still got on the road occasionally.

I was just getting into running a video camera alongside doing still photography at the time, so for any Annie fans, this is a great time to see full consists of cars. Unfortunately the microphone just jacked somewhere along the way, so these videos don't all have great sound. But regardless, it's a good chance to hear jointed rail sounds, echoing horns off the flatlands of southern Michigan, and even a few of the last of the teardrop mechanical bells chiming away for the days of yore. Enjoy this "mix!"

A 1:30AM passage of the Annie through Ann Arbor's Argo Pond neighborhood. The GP39-2s have 21 covered hopper cars for interchange with the Great Lakes Central at Osmer Siding, north of Ann Arbor. 4/16/2010

If you thought the Ann Arbor never moved along, you'd be wrong. A healthy freight, led by GP39-2 #2373, GP38 #7771, and GP39-2 #2368 approach Ida West Road, northbound near Diann Junction. The train consists of 44 cars, including 7 stone hoppers for Holcim, 6 NS hi-cube boxcars for interchange to the NS at Milan, and the balance grain hoppers which will be forwarded to the GLC as Osmer. August 12, 2009.

Ann Arbor's southbound road freight makes a rare daylight appearance in Michigan as it comes south from Milan. The soudnbound is crossing the River Raisin bridge at Dundee and the M-50 crossing. GP39-2s #2368 and #2373 are today's road power. April 29, 2010

Ann Arbor GP39-2 #2368 proceeds northbound long hood forward up the Annie mainline approaching the Ida West Road crossing south of Diann Junction. This evening they have 36 cars for the GLC interchange. A single bulkhead flat car of telephone poles stands out among the train of covered hoppers. This train would work at both GEMA and Milan before completing its northbound run to Osmer. May 20, 2010.

Classic orange Ann Arbor GP38 #7802, a former Conrail & Penn Central unit, waits for the conductor to unlock to derail for the GEMA spur, on the north side of Dundee, MI. October 3, 2008.

Ann Arbor's GP39-2 #2368 leads ten cars north along the pond at Milan, MI. These cars will be interchanged to the Great Lakes Central RR at Osmer. June 18, 2009

A short northbound Ann Arbor Railroad road freight, led by the yellow GP39-2 twins bracketing an orange GP38, rockets north through Milan, Michigan over the County Line Road crossing, still protected audibly by a pair of "tear drop" crossing bells. The excessive motive power was necessary for the southbound grain train for interchange from the GLC at Osmer, to be picked up later during the night. The boxcars are bound for the ACH plant in Saline. August 4, 2010.

Annie GP38 #7802 leads a train of interchange cars south, just south of the Michigan border, passing the venerable Hallet Tower in Toledo. Where Toledo was once a mecca for operating interlocking towers, even in the first decade of the 2000's, Hallet was the last tower to remain open - as the Ann Arbor's dispatching office, in addition to the junction between the AA, CSXT, and old Toledo Terminal. The interchange cars are coming from a north CN freight, and are destined for Ottawa Yard. July 5, 2010.

Having completed their switching at their small yard, the nightly Ann Arbor northbound road freight departs Milan, Michigan, with 25 grain hoppers in tow for interchange with the Great Lakes Central north of Ann Arbor. They would stop at Pittsfield Junction this November 24th, 2009 night to pickup 3 boxcars from the Ford plant in Saline before completing their northbound run. GP39-2 #2368 and GP38 #7771 provide the power this evening.

Ann Arbor Railroad's southbound road freight rolls through southern Michigan farmland at Ida West Road near Dundee, MI. GP39-2 #2368 leads the train singlehandedly this day. They have 13 cars coming back to Toledo this day. June 16, 2010.

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Re: "Classic" Ann Arbor 2008-2010

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Thank you for posting. Especially the information about the cars in the consists. I really enjoyed it.
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