Abandoned factory in Ypsilanti

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Abandoned factory in Ypsilanti

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I was in Ypsilanti one day and driving east on Spring Street when I came across some derelict trackage and cantilevers with no lights or signals hanging above them. Turns out that there's a big factory located at Spring Street and Grove Road that used to be rail-served but I couldn't really find that much info on it. From what I could find it appears to be a Visteon plant, but when did it close? And what did they receive or ship out?

The southern portion of the spur into the plant remains easily picked out (along Grove Road just north of Spring Street) and some of the trackage is still in place. But I couldn't find where the northern part of the spur was.

Also, just today I noticed that there's a switch curving south along the siding in Ypsilanti near Forest Avenue and Market Place. Is this where that plant spur branched off of? If not, where did it split?

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Re: Abandoned factory in Ypsilanti

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