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Re: Michigan Cabooses

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DLM wrote:
Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:33 pm
Galesburg, MI, Cabooses

Postby caboose9 on Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:11 pm

About 12 years ago it was reported that Dr. James Smith, Galesburg, MI, has four cabooses - PM/C&O A609, ATSF?/GTW #?, GTW 77028, & PRR/D&M 207 - on his property. About 3 years ago someone, who didn't have an actual address, did tell me "they are south of town on S. 38th St."

Surely someone must know if and where these four cabooses are located or that they have been moved.

I drove the semi that carried the trucks and track panel for one of the cabooses there. It is on the west side of 38th south of I-94. They are along a very long driveway into the woods. This was 20 years ago. The caboose came from Coopersville, MI.
I think I may have solved the mystery as to where exactly the Smith property is on 38th Street.
Thanks to the new update and overhaul to the Kalamazoo County GIS online parcel viewer, I discovered the Dr. James Smith property is registered with (presumably) his wife's name first (SMITH CAROLE J & JAMES R). This explains why past searches came up with nothing.

Unfortunately due to heavy tree cover it is impossible to tell if any cabooses still exist on the property. With only the 1999 aerial imagery showing anything that looks like four cabooses.
There does appear to be some object that looks like a caboose in the 2013 imagery...but it could be anything.
Here is an image of the parcel.

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