Holly Subdivision question

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Holly Subdivision question

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This may seem like a really stupid and foamer question for me to ask, but maybe someone can enlighten me.

The Mount Clemens subdivision has a daily train that runs south (M383) that almost always has a mid train DPU. I’m pretty sure there are times that the other manifest trains on that line may have them too.

The Holly Subdivision has multiple freights. Some of which are considered locals with their ID (L507/L508) but might as well be considered road freights because of the length and tonnage they can get up to. E251 is the road freight, which is mainly loaded autoracks and some miscellaneous freight thrown into the mix. I’ve seen the 251 really get down on it’s knees going up the hill between Royal Oak and Bloomfield Hills and have even seen it stall out once.

What I can’t say I’ve seen before (other than the occasional intermodal trains out of Moterm) is a train running with DP on the Holly Subdivision. I have seen 383’s shorter than 251 sometimes (not to say 383 is tiny, it’s almost always a sizeable train) and they still have a DPU. Is there a particular reason why the Holly Sub trains don’t have DP’s?
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Re: Holly Subdivision question

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M383 is, generally speaking, one of the heavier trains that CN operates in Michigan - laden with steel, sand and lumber - and my guess would be that a DPU helps considerably in getting that thing out of the tunnel without incident. A485 is a much lighter train, and the northbounds (M382 and A484) consist largely of empties headed to Canada. Not enough serious extended grades for southbounds on the Holly to warrant monkeying around with DP, and even though you must battle "the hill" for northbounds out of MJ, the power desk obviously doesn't considerate an issue. For the MTC sub train and for some Flint sub trains, the tunnel seems to be one of the deciding factors for the addition of DP.

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Re: Holly Subdivision question

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The occasional loaded sand trains run with a DPU.

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