South Shore freight ops

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South Shore freight ops

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There might already be a thread about this, but what do the current South Shore freight operations look like? How many different trains are there/where are they based out of/when do they run? Thanks in advance.
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Re: South Shore freight ops

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Trains Magazine had an article about this perhaps last year. Unfortunately I don't save the magazines.
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Re: South Shore freight ops

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AF1- 0445 light from shops to Bailly, build outbound trains for the day to BRC and CN.

AF2- 0530 on duty at Gary, go into CN Kirk Yard to interchange via the City Track and back.

AF3- 0700 M-W-F they go over to USALCO and Shell Catalysts on the Amtrak Michigan Line. Tu-Th they go East to New Carlisle.

AF4- 0830 light engine to Bailly, pick up westbound train for BRC from AF1 and go to Chicago. Usually has the SD’s on it.

AF5- 1430 drives to Burnham Yard usually, and switches the yard and inbound from BRC, builds the train for AF7, takes train eastbound for Bailly, and Michigan City.

AF6- 1900 switch around Shops and Michigan City, then peddle west to Bailly, and Goff (Gary) pick up Eastbounds from CN at Goff and come back.

AF7- 2100 on duty at Burnham to go service industries inside the International Port of Illinois.

PF8 and PF9 handle extra miscellaneous work and coal, as well as the extra board.

MWF there’s a crew on at 0830 to go South on the branchline to Kingsbury too.

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Re: South Shore freight ops

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We used to interchange a whole train from Chessie to that Ex NKP line at Belfast. All the autos from Wixom for the most part along with a couple of Ford parts cars for KC. Fast forward to the N&W westward. Always a hot move.
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Re: South Shore freight ops

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A few Saturdays ago, the AF3 went to New Carlisle in the late afternoon.

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