Elkhart and Western Project

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Re: Elkhart and Western Project

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https://www.wndu.com/2023/08/30/us-tran ... ail-visit/

Patriot Rail Company, previously known as Elkhart and Western Railroad, received a $2.6 million grant to make improvements.

“And they operate approximately a nine-mile stretch of track that goes right through downtown Elkhart,” Straight said.

City officials say the train tracks that run on E. Jackson Boulevard going through downtown no longer make sense. Patriot Rail Company says they will move the trail yard west.

The company also says it will repair the rail crossing at Blazer Boulevard and Richmond Street, which is right near the Elkhart High School Freshman Division Campus (formerly Elkhart Central High School).

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Re: Elkhart and Western Project

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The City of Elkhart released this information yesterday. The E&W project is getting started!


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