NS Fostoria District Customers west of Bellevue

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NS Fostoria District Customers west of Bellevue

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Ill talk more about this on the Ohio rail business news thread and i dont know how to use the excel sheet to show everyone the customers on the Fostoria District between Bellevue and Fort WAyne. Church and Dwight in Old Fort has expanded yet again this year and i see covered hoppers and tanks of commodities but i dont know what inbound shipments are. Mennel MIlling in Fostoria is seeing a huge expansion and MGQ Asphalt in Narlo/Maple grove is loading outbound asphalt shipments along with the outbound grades of limestone. I think the NOW brings in the covered hoppers of lime and not sure if hand any lime hoppers to NS or not. And for the first time in 21 years, the grain elevator at Latty is shipping again because Mercer Landmark bouught the elevator from some mormon outfit.

Old Fort, Plains lpg gas terminal and Church and Dwight. Maple Grove,NOW interchange traffic, MGQ asphalt, and Carmeuse quarry. Fostoria, Auto terminal, Poet ethanol plant, the transload, yard interchange for CSX, and the locals for Blair, WIlson, findlay and LIma, Mennel Milling, ADM, MId states, and the graphite plant. McComb, grain elevator. Leipsic, Protech, and misc interchange traffic. Latty. Mercer Landmark, Payne Mercer Landmark. Edgerton-grain elevator.
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Re: NS Fostoria District Customers west of Bellevue

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Wollam Ag in Continental on the Cloverleaf spur still gets an occasional car.

Latty Grain at 127 gets tanks of Propane and Anhydrous Ammonia in addition to the real elevator getting unit trains and Fertilizer shipments a mile east towards Broughton.

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Re: NS Fostoria District Customers west of Bellevue

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There hasn't been any interchange business at Leipsic for a long time. In theory they could, but the established locations are a lot easier.

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