NS Buckeye Yard

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NS Buckeye Yard

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What is the current situation with Buckeye? I have seen photos of tie piles and rails gone, so it the fate of the yard finally decided? Has Buckeye lived out it last days?

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Re: NS Buckeye Yard

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I do believe one local operates out of there, and there is a container yard that is still active.

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Re: NS Buckeye Yard

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They yard on the NS side is currently being pulled up by a contractor, the CSX side is still very active. Camp Chase now interchanges south of Downtown now.

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Re: NS Buckeye Yard

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Think I did read somewhere that NS is closing that yard moving operations elsewhere.

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Re: NS Buckeye Yard

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I drove by that yard last night on my way to the company office in Columbus it was nothing but a gravel yard filled with piles and piles of cross ties

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