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Appalachian Leasing Services
We are a locomotive leasing company that offers both short and long-term locomotive leases, for long-term leasesand sales we can paint the locomotive in your railroad's colors for a small fee. Contact for information.

APLS Roster For Lease (short and long term)
700-701 CF7
900-901 GP10
1500-1502 SW1500
1800-1801 SD18E
1600-1600 MP15DC
1700-1709 GP15-1
2800-2803 SD28

APLS Roster For Lease (long term)
4000-4004 GP40-2
4100-4103 SD40T-2R

APLS Roster For Sale:
3000-3000 GP30u (130,000 USD)

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