Pan Am RR for sale

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Re: Pan Am RR for sale

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It's official: the W&LE is now the largest regional railroad in North America.

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Re: Pan Am RR for sale

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A few days ago, CSX's "OCS" (Only one car with execs on board and #9999) ran on the PAR, I guess the brass of CSX hasn't been up there yet.

CSX may have an issue running trains at track speed (During the beginning of their operations) between Ayer and Boston since MBTA uses a special PTC system and only specific engines can lead (for instance, NS SD60E's can only lead 22K, 23K, 11R and 16R, this is why the CSX #9999 couldn't lead the train). I'll attach a photo of one of Pan Am's (Ironically Former CSX) C40-8's that I shot this past summer, which has an obnoxiously big PTC antenna array.

PAR had the system installed on all of their engines, I wonder if CSX does one of these:

Install the system on one locomotive type (SD40-3?) and has them lead trains

Keep some of the PAR engines that have the system until they have the system installed on their engines

If they bite the bullet and have the trains run at slower speeds
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Re: Pan Am RR for sale

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Never understand why the FRA would approve a "special PTC system" when the whole idea is to make railroads "safer" and more uniform.

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Re: Pan Am RR for sale

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I seen on the Pan Am Facebook group that the Berkshire and Eastern start up date is 10-1-22 it's gonna get interesting.

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