List of Trains by Route (Michigan)

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List of Trains by Route (Michigan)

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Here is a new Google Doc I created which attempts to list every train that travels through the state of Michigan. Class Is are listed first, then regionals, then shortlines. Include through trains (passenger and freight), road locals, localized locals, and any other trains that may use these lines. Trains are to be listed by railroad first, then symbol. Where applicable (mainly on Class Is), subdivisions will be broken up by section, so, for example, a train that only uses the CSX Grand Rapids Sub south of Holland should be listed only in the "Indiana Border to Holland" section. If the same symbol is used on a two-way train, such as CN L575 on the Flat Rock and Dearborn Subs, note it as such. I also included industrial railroads that are very specific in their service area (for example, confined to a single yard, which is the case with New Boston Rail Service).

Link to the document, which is editable by anyone as long as they are familiar with train symbols: ... sp=sharing
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