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@ ~Z~ « Mon 5:51:53 pm »
for railroad relation - it’s why d700 works WMI when Amtrak doesn’t get stuck. take the same pipe and try to spread the load out throughout the day.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 5:50:25 pm »
petroleum use has leveled off a bit though. in general, electrity use is increasing. energy companies trying to limit peak usage has always been a thing. like how they’d rather companies stagger start times so the interstates see less rush hour traffic. same thought process. it isn’t stupid.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 5:48:21 pm »
I’m quite sure energy production does increase most years. ... mption.svg
@ David Collins « Mon 5:22:07 pm »
Great to see one of those GP40R’s still earning their keep in 2021
@ David Collins « Mon 5:21:44 pm »
Just saw L514 with the deathstar
@ SD80MAC « Mon 4:39:28 pm »
Energy should be more abundant, not less
@ SD80MAC « Mon 4:39:09 pm »
It’s like we’re regressing
@ SD80MAC « Mon 4:39:02 pm »
That’s so stupid
@ ~Z~ « Mon 3:06:57 pm »
oh, i think it’ll just continue to be normal to try to encourage people to use their electricity less between 2-7pm as that’s a fairly high usage time. Run the dishwasher at night, run the dryer overnight. I try to do those things anyway at night as I’d rather not heat my house more when i’m already paying too much for air conditioning.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 3:04:45 pm »
don’t believe they are converting west olive to natural gas...they are just closing the plant.
@ J T « Mon 2:37:30 pm »
So when they convert West Olive to natural gas, will Consumers no longer have to ask us to use less electricity between 2-7pm during the summer months?
@ ~Z~ « Mon 1:38:20 pm »
too bad natural gas has been increasing a lot as well though, but at least coal is on the downward slope. Wish we'd see an upswing in nuke production.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 1:37:40 pm »
neato, as of the end of 2020, renewables in the US (wind, solar, hydro) now has a larger amount of energy produced than either coal or nuke. ... or-nuclear
@ Raildudes dad « Mon 1:17:44 pm »
Box culvert under I-96 at Montcalm should be 14 feet wide by 10 high for bikes. There sure is a lot of graffiti inside it.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 1:11:54 pm »
live from hudsonville, awaiting Mexican takeout

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